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Is a woman interested in you if you work together and whenever you go to get something where she is you see her looking for or at you and when you see her she always smiles and waves her hand at you?


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2005-10-26 06:39:19
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I'd be really careful on this one. She could be just very friendly and enjoys seeing you. If you are both single, perhaps she is interested so why not ask her out on a date. If one or both of you are married then take it as just being friends and keep it that way. I am very friendly towards some men I work with (also women) but it's just because I respect them and enjoy their company and so I will often joke around, but it's never serious and I make sure they know that. Marcy

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that means she is a nice girl. or may be she is not interested in you.

It sort of depends. If you were staring at him, first then he was just trying to figure you out. But if you were doing something together and he was staring into your eyes looking interested he probably has a crush.

whenever you have something "squared" you are looking for the area

Chances are he likes what he is looking at and would be interested in meeting you.

She is may be interested or it could be coincidence and she was looking in your direction but possibly at something else.

This means that he saw you looking at him so to be polite he smiled at you to say hi. You spoke to him thinking he was interested in you, but his smile only meant hi. Keeping looking you find that someone who smile will mean he is interested.

it depends on what your looking for, if you are not interested in something then you should not do it for a science project signed babyggcat

The guy is often giving you looks, he starts conversations with you or whenever you see him he can't stop looking, or he smiles at you. These are some of the basic ones. But be careful, he could just be really nice.

Means nothing. He may not be looking at you in particular, but in your general area. Just go on with things and don't think that someone is looking at you unless they say something to you.

find something that he is interested in and learn about it, a smart boy is allways looking for an equal because when the beauty is gone all you have is the real you.

If he is looking at you often he may be interested in you. And maybe you are interested in him. You need to talk to him and see how he responds.

The girl could of been looking at you because she likes you, but she could of been looking at something behind you, she could of been thinking about something funny at the time, she could of smiled at you because you were looking at her. If she really likes you she will do more eye contact and maybe other things but you will know when she is not interested in you at all.

As hard as this is, she might have just been either interested, and then got bored, or she might have just been looking for something fun. In no way is this your fault, I would say that by the sounds of it she was playing a game with you, which you can't blame yourself for. She betrayed your trust, which is not your fault at all. This is only my idea though, i don't know her so I can't say if this is something she would do or not. Hope this helps!

Most likely she is interested in you but maybe she just thinks your weird for looking at her.

1st of no one said they were looking for something to use with 1 or the other. They may be prescribed the medication. and are simply looking for an honest answer. stop judging people,

if she is looking at your lips she want to kiss if she is constantly looking away she is not interested if she is looking at your eyes she likes you/ cares for you.

Alert interested in what your saying, or looking alert

They was interested because they was looking to trade and have more trade power

of course! Self Esteem is whenever you feel happy about something you did or something said something nice that made you feel better about yourself. If you want to have self esteem every day, say a compliment to yourself while looking in a mirror

She was either jealous because she didn't have one, or interested in what you were doing.

it means what career your interested in or looking into

who is looking? we might be interested!

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