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No it is not a satanic band they don't mention gad or the devil in their music they're just plain old rock.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-23 15:51:12
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Q: Is ac dc a satanic band?
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Is ac DC satanist?

No..AC/DC are not satanic at all. ..Ok maybe not at all..but they are not.

Who is ac-dc?

Ac/Dc is an Australian rock band.

Is ac DC dead?

ac dc is a band and not a person to die

When was the band AC DC founded?

The band AC DC was formed in the early 70's about 1973.

Ac or DC?

Ac/dc is a band, ac is air conditoning, and an acto dc converter has something to do with electricity

Where is the band AC DC from?


What is DC-AC?

AC/DC is a rock band. Their name refers to "alternating current direct current.

What band played hells bells?

AC/DC played hells bells AC DC

Why did ac DC break up?

ac dc never broke up, they are still a band

Who was in AC DC?

AC/DC is a very famous Australian rock band from the 1970's to the present.

What IS AC DC?

AnswerThere is a hard rock band called AC/DC .In electrical jargon, AC is short for alternating current and DC is short for Direct current.

What is a rock band starting with a?


How do you spell the band acdc?


When did ac dc form a band?


When was the band AC DC created?

in 1973

What is the best Australian band?


What was the metal band in history?


Is ac dc a heavy metal band?

No, they are a hard rock band.

Is ACDC a hair band?

ac dc are a hard rock band

Who is the drumer of AC-DC?

Phil Rudd is the drummer for AC/DC. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, and started drumming for the band in 1975.

Who is the current lead singer of the band AC-DC?

Brian Johnson

Why are AC DC not on iTunes?

ac/dc are not on itunes because they do not want people to hack into itunes and steal ac/dc songs which i think is pretty stupid. if you want ac/dc on itunes go onto itunes and type in ac/db, they are a tribute band to ac/dc and they sound exactly like the real ac/dc.

What is ac - DC?

AC/DC is Alternative/Direct Current, used in Electric Generators. Also AC/DC are an Australian Rock Band (The best in the world btw)

Is ac dc the band named after air conditioning components?

No; the band is named after Alternating Current/Direct Current or AC/DC. This was adopted after they saw AC/DC printed on the sewing machine of the Young brothers older sister, Margaret

What band recorded Highway to Hell?