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no because during the whole process other things get mixed in.

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What is the pH difference between acid rain and pure water?

Pure water has a pH of 7.0, while acid rain has a pH or 5.0 or less. The difference in pH would be 2.0 or greater, depending on how acidic the acid rain is.

What does sulfuric acid look like?

Pure sulfuric acid is a clear liquid.

Is acid rain pure substance or mixture?

i think its a substance

How does acid rain effect cars?

since the acid in the rain is a corrosive (a liquid that will 'eat' through materials), the acid rain could accelerate the process of rusting on a car

How do we know which rain is acid rain?

when the rain has a pH of 4 and below. PH standing for the potential of hydrogen- the amount of acid in any liquid.

Is acid gases the same as acid rain?

no,one is a liquid the other is a gas

How much acid and base is in acetone?

Acetone is a pure organic liquid no acid or base is in it.

What state of matter is acid?

It depends on the acid. In most cases acids are used in the form of an aqueous solution, i.e. dissolved in water. In that case the solution is a liquid. However, in pure forms different acids can be in any of the three states. Hydrogen chloride, the pure form of hydrochloric acid, is a gas. Pure sulfuric acid is a liquid. Pure oxalic acid is a solid.

Does Venus have acid rain?

Yes, although it is different from acid rain on Earth. Earth's acid rain is water with small amounts of sulfuric and nitric acid. On Venus the rain is almost entirely sulfuric acid, with no liquid water. However, this rain evaporates before it reaches the ground.

What state of matter is hydrocloric acid?

Pure hydrochloric acid is a liquid in the room temperature and pressure.

What liquid has a pH of 5?

black coffeeacid rain

What has more acid acid rain or acid snow?

The acidity of the either type of rain depends on the concentration of acid discharge in that area. Liquid water can absorb more acid than snow although.

Is acid rain the same as rain water?

NO. Acid rain contains more acid which is very harmful to the earth - forests, water ways and trees etc. Even though normal rain water contains a little amount of acid, it has to have a pH (potential of hydrogen- the amount of acid in liquid) 4 and under to be considered as acid rain.

Why Rain water not passing voltage?

Pure water, like rain, does not conduct electricity. Some rain, though it may not be not pure water, and may be a little acid, or have dust in it, could conduct electricity a tiny amount.

Is acid a liquid or a gas?

Acid is not any single substance but a class of substances. There are many different types of acid. They can be solids (such as citric acid) liquids (such as acetic acid), or gasses (such as hydrochloric acid) in their pure forms. An acidic solution is a liquid as it consists of an acid dissolved in water.

Conclusion of acid rain?

Acid rain is acid rain.

What is the Chemical for formula for acid rain?

acid+rain=acid rain

Are ions are present in pure liquid HCl?

Hydrochloric acid does not ionize unless it is added to water.

What is rain acid?

rain with acid

Is acid rain rain with acid?

Yes, Acid rain is rain with higher than normal levels of nitric and sulfuric acid.

Is rain a type of acid?

Only acid rain, normal rain does not contain acid.

Different types of acid rain?

carbonic acid rain and sulfuric acid rain

Are water and shampoo both pure liquids?

A pure liquid is a liquid that is not contaminated with any other compound. If water is pure water, then it is a pure liquid. However, shampoo is not a pure liquid.

What is the Polluted liquid that forms when rainwater falls on solid waste?

i m guessing acid rain

Is shampoo a pure liquid?

no shampoo is not a pure liquid