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Is acrylic paint nail polish?

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no it not a nail polish.

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It's not nail polish. American Paint is a water based acrylic craft paint.

You can try nail polish remover or paint remover.

You can paint their shells. Acrylic paints or nail polish work well.

Nope! Because acrylic paint is actually safer than nail polish since nail polish has more dangerous chemicals that are harmful. Most of the nail artist people who do designs actually use some paint too. Hope this helps!

if the bathtub is painted i think that acitone will take off the paint! tyy nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is best for this.

First you paint, THEN you polish... You paint them with nail polish

You can't. You can use acrylic paint and a little bit of a top coat to make a nail polish, but its more reasonable to just buy some.

You can remove acrylic nail glue from cloth with nail polish remover that contains Acetone. Blot at the glue with cotton balls, or paper towel soaked with the nail polish remover.

Yes you can but if the tips are thick it will look a bit uneven. But if you get the FULL nail with tip you can totally just use regular nail polish on the nail.

The difference is nail polish, is basicly nail paint....But nail varnish is like the special nail paint they use to make designs on your nails. - - - - - Nail polish, nail varnish, nail paint and nail lacquer are four names for the same stuff. It just comes down to what the manufacturer wants to call it.

Yeah nail polish remover works great on removing acrylic paint on shirts and jeans and any other fabric, but i don't know if acrylic and latex paint is the same thing; and you should test it out on an inauspicious area first to see if it will remove the color of the shirt it self before applying it to the fabric just to be safe =)

try regular acrylic, or use nail polish. coat it with clear spray paint of Madge-podge.

Yes! You can paint over fake nails. I have done it many of times. What kills though is that if you want to take the nail polish off, it ruins the acrylic or nail. So the answer is yes, but be careful and pick a good choice of nail polish that you will keep on when having fake nails on.

Because nail polish is an air drying (non chemical curing) acrylic based paint which contains acetone and other solvents when applied, so acetone is able to re- dissolve it.

Paint it over a new nail polish and wipe it right away

water&nail polish remover&vinegar- Wash the nail after/before acrylic,wipe it with nail polish remover&if there is some stainge left over,wash your nails with vinegar then wipe them dry and wash with water.Hope this solves your problem x

Open the bottle of nail polish and you will see a brush attached to the lid. Wipe off the drops of nail polish on the side of the inside. Use the nail polish as a paintbrush and paint the polish on your nails. Enjoy!

Acrylic nail polish? Do you mean "acrylic overlay"--a real thin layer of acrylic over the natural nail, just to give your nails strength? You can put Shellac on acrylic overlays. That's probably the only way to deal with Shellac. It is a very hard product--much harder than a natural nail, and if your nails flex (which natural nails do) the Shellac cracks. Acrylic nails are also very rigid, so the Shellac should work fantastic on them.

nail polish remover or leave the brush in water and citric acid over night or vinegar

its plastic and you can get it in paints and nail polish. i hope i helped :)

You can paint pet nails with children's nail polish. It's not toxic.

nail paint or polish, clear nail polish

It is so easy! First get nail polish! Second open the nail polish! Third spread your toes apart! THEN START TO PAINT!!!!!

The paint on the Acrylic nail last longer on your natural nails because Acrylic nails are plastic.