Is website still down for maintenance?

It was actually only down for about 2 days. SInce then it has been constantly a huge mess.

It is now their usual cycle. 1. They claim they are going to be out for a few hours...reality - out for 2 or more days (one time it was a week). 2. The changes are obviously massive and obviously untested. 3. The changes are moade by some amateur who knows nothing about Java. They start out by sending whole pages and then realize it is eating their server alive. 4. They get it back to partial function and stop. 5. Any further problem reports atr now being ignored. I just did one and they start out with an inane response. If you reply then they jsut get worse blaming your windows version tehen making all kinds of excuses about clearing cache...the usual junk when they have no idea and ending the whole thing with their classic "well no one else has repoirted that problem"...well of course they have not when you trach tehm in your responses like you do.

These poor guys have no grasp on the reality that bug reports are not personal attacks but valid attempts to report problems.