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as far as i know, ps3 is region free in all over the world.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-29 09:42:21
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Q: Is Africa PS3 region free Will it work on my pal UK 60gb PS3?
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Does Kinect work on a 60gb xbox?


Can PS2 work on PS3?

only on the 60GB version of the PS3

Can PS2 games work in a PS3?

yes just the ps3 60gb

What if your 60gb PS3 got the ylod and doesn't work you get a slim can you put your hdd in your friends 60gb PS3 and back it up to an external hdd?

No you cant!.

Can you play American games on Japanese psp?

Yes, PSP games are region free, they will work on any region's console.

Is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2 region free?

No it will not work with PAL games.

If I buy a Jpan import of Naruto Shippuden PS2 game will it work on a UK PS3 60GB?

yes not

Does facebook work on PS3?

yes it does work on the ps3 (ive got 60gb) but some of the applications don't run and it's a bit slow.

Will European ds games work in an American ds?

Yes, the DS games are region free.

Will a Canadian DVD work on a European DVD player?

A Canadian DVD (region 1) should not work on a European DVD player (region 2). There are six DVD region codes. A DVD from region 1 (which is for the US and Canada) will not play in a player from region 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East).

What did the African supply for when they were brought to the Americas?

Um. Historically...Technically African people during the colonial times of the United States region supplied free work for the Americas. That in they were brutally imprisoned, taken from Africa and forced into slavery.

If you buy Afrika the video game from north America will it work on my british 60gb ps3?

It should work on any PS3. see related link

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