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no a cancer is when there is a group of cells which divide very quickly

aids is a disease caused by HIV which is a virus


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AIDS because cancer wasent even able to take down lance armstrong.

AIDS more people die from it than brest cancer or diabetes

The US government spends $265,000 on AIDS research for every AIDS death each year but only $10,000 on cancer research for every cancer death each year?

No; he died of cancer.

No. He dies from AIDS.

what is the full form of ictc and pptc in AIDS

Baby powder can't form AIDS.

It is Kaposi's Sarcoma. The viruses for this form of cancer are normally carried by many people. It is only when the immune system is weakened, as in AIDS, that the person develops Kaposi's Sarcoma.

lol are you serious... yes it gives you cancer... and aids

A type of cancer associated with AIDS


cancer, aids, and lukimia.

no...he had brain cancer

she died of cancer

No, Band-Aids have a toxin in them that will stay in your skin and later cause cancer.

yes, it could cause cancer. but it happens in rare cases.

Yes it is a cure for a type of cancer. It is also a cure for aids

AIDS and warts can be passed from one person to another. Cancer, diabetes, and hypertension are not contagious conditions.

No; skin cancer is not the most common form of cancer. The most common form of cancer in males is prostate cancer, in females; the most common form of cancer is breast cancer.

You can die from AIDS, cancer, and other diseases.

No. Prostate cancer.

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