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No Albanian is not Slavic. Albanian is Albanian. Slavic is close to being Albanian, and surrounds areas of Albanian heritage. However, the two are different ethnic groups.

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Is Polish the same language as Albanian?

No, they are completely different languages. Albanian is an Indo-European language in a group of it own, while Polish belongs to Balto-Slavic group. In particular, Albanian is not a Slavic language.

What does the name Dita mean?

Dita is of Slavic origin and it means Rich gift.Dita is an Albanian female name meaning "the day".

What is the meaning of the name Skender?

It's old greek. Commonly used as Albanian or Romanian.Skender is a variant ofAlexander (Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, and Slavic).

The major linguistic branches of the indo-european languages are?

Albanian, Anatolian (ancient Hittite and company), Armenian, Balto-Slavic (Lithuanian, Russian), Celtic, Germanic, Greek, Italic (Romance languages and ancient company), Indo-Iranian (Hindi, Persian/Farsi), and Tocharian. Of these Germanic, Italic, and Balto-Slavic are the most widespread, Albanian and Armenian are quite reduced, Anatolian and Tocharian are extinct.

What has the author Xhelal Ylli written?

Xhelal Ylli has written: 'Das slavische Lehngut im Albanischen' -- subject(s): Albanian language, Slavic, Foreign elements

What has the author Agniia Vasil'evna Desnitskaia written?

Agniia Vasil'evna Desnitskaia has written: 'Slavianskie zaimstvovaniia albanskom iazyke' -- subject(s): Albanian language, Slavic, Foreign words and phrases

What are three main European language groups?

There are 10 main European Language groups:AnatolianHellenicIndo-IranianItalicCelticGermanicArmenianTocharianBalto-SlavicAlbanian

Is Russian an indo European language?

Yes it is. More specifically it is a Slavic language from the Slavic-Baltic category of the Indo-Europeanlanguages.Other Slavic languages include: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Rusyn, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Montenegrin, etc.Other Slavic-Baltic languages include: Latvian and Lithuanian.Other Indo-European categories include: Germanic languages, Celtic, languages, Italic languages, Indo-Iranian languages, and the Armenian, Albanian, and Greek languages.

What are the three main language groups in Europe?

There are 10 main European Language groups:AnatolianHellenicIndo-IranianItalicCelticGermanicArmenianTocharianBalto-SlavicAlbanian

What nationallity is Alfonso Pacino?

Albanian dude, or albanian-italian.,but its more albanian

What language does Russian come from?

SlavicThe Russian language belongs to the East Slavic family of languages. Its brother languages are Ukrainian, Belarusian and Rusyn. The East Slavic is part of the Slavic languages.It goes like this.- Indo European- Proto Slavic- Slavic- East Slavic- Russian

What has the author Ramazan Hysa written?

Ramazan Hysa has written: 'Albanian-English English-Albanian dictionary and phrasebook' -- subject(s): Albanian, Albanian language, Dictionaries, English, English language 'Albanian-English dictionary' -- subject(s): Albanian language, Dictionaries, English 'English-Albanian' -- subject(s): Albanian, Dictionaries, English language 'Albanian-English/English-Albanian Dictionary and Phrasebook (Dictionary and Phrasebooks)'

What is an Albanian descent?

An Albanian person or me.

What is the Albanian language called in Albanian?

albanian language in albanian is called shqip,,,or gjuha shqipe,,it means albanian language,,,gj you can pronaunce as j,,so it can be pronnaunced kind of,,,jooha shqipe

What is an albanian?

An Albanian is a native or resident of Albania or of Albanian descent.

Do Russians speak Slavic?

Answer: Russian is a Slavic language.

How do you say love in albanian?

love in albanian: dashuri

What is the duration of The Albanian?

The duration of The Albanian is 1.75 hours.

What launguages are in Albania?

Tha language Albanian people speak is Albanian. Albanian is our official language. Albanian people however, usually speak Italian, Greek and English.

What are the major Indo-european language groups?

There are 10 sub-groups:AlbanianAnatolian (extinct)ArmenianBalto-SlavicCelticGermanicHellenic (Greek)Indo-IranianItalic (includes Romance)Tocharian (extinct)

What is Slavic Europe's population?

The population of Slavic Europe is 278,825,656.

What does xemel mean in albanian?

zemer mean heart in albanian

How do you say good bye in Albanian?

In albanian goodbye is : MIREUPAFSHIM .

What is Albanian word for pacemaker?

Paqeruajtes is the word in Albanian for peacemaker.

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