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Is alcohol or marijuana more damaging to the overall body and why?

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Alcohol wins all the prizes for damage to the body over marijuana by a huge margin.

For number of people killed outright by the drug, alcohol leads with about 100,000 deaths per year, compared to no recorded deaths in history for marijuana. See How many people are killed by drugs?

Every major government commission report in the last 100 years has concluded that alcohol and tobacco are both more dangerous than marijuana. See Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy -

The World Health Organization studied the issues specifically and found that both alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous to the health in every respect than marijuana. See A Comparative Appraisal of the Health and Psychological Consequences of Alcohol, Cannabis, Nicotine and Opiate Use -

It really depends on how you use it. One glass of wine a week, a beer with dinner or a shot to get you asleep are all far better than getting completely stoned and losing your job because of it. However by the same token marijuana can calm down a person with anxiety disorders, relieve the pain of a long-term cancer or Arthritis patient and many other things and these effects are far more useful than sculling alcohol until you pass out and get liver and brain damage, or by smoking a pack a day before dying age 40 of lung cancer.

Each has its positives and its negatives, and it is people that makes each good or bad, not the drug itself - citing reports on marijuana use and comparing it to alcohol and tobacco is pointless, since so many people can and do use the latter while the former is underreoprted and very biased.

2009-11-01 05:47:53
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Q: Is alcohol or marijuana more damaging to the overall body and why?
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Is marijuana or alcohol more damaging to the overall body?

Alcohol by far as it does damage to your body and causes addiction.

What is the least deadly drug?

I would say that marijuana is the least deadly drug. Even alcohol is far more damaging to the human body than marijuana.

Is marijuana better for your body than alcohol?


Does marijuana do less damage to the body than alcohol?

Yes it does less No one has ever died smoking marijuana. But alcohol causes Liver damage.

Which is worse alcohol or marijuana?

alcohol tends to have a higher addiction rate and can be more harmful to the body

How do you get marijuana out of your body system fast?

Drink A LOT of alcohol. When you start throwing up the marijuana will come out also.

What is more damaging to your body alcohol or smoking?

I would say alcohol because it kills your liver and other important organs.

Can you take alcohol and smoke marijuana after appendix operation that has last close to two months now?

Alcohol, I wouldn't yet. But marijuana is fine. It helps your body heal.

Is alcohol more dangerous than marijuana?

nope. its been proven it does less damage to the human body then alcohol .

What organs are affected by alcohol?

Alcohol can damage almost every organ in the body, but it is probably most famous for damaging the liver and brain.

What organ does alcohol damage?

Alcohol can damage almost every organ in the body, but it is probably most famous for damaging the liver and brain.

Why are children not allowed to drink alcohol drinks?

A child is developing and has a small body size, both making alcohol more damaging then in an adults' larger body size.

How do you detox body for marijuana?

All you really have to do is to stop smoking it. The only other precaution which helps with detoxification is to avoid alcohol, because it is the liver which detoxifies the body, and alcohol is harmful to the liver. Don't use drugs and alcohol and the body will detoxify itself.

Is marijuana more dangerous than alcohol?

absolutely not. as you can see in the link above, alcohol requires more dependence than marijuana. this means that if someone gets drunk off of alcohol, the next time they wish to get drunk they will have to consume more alcohol than the previous time. Also, alcohol is more addictive than marijuana. saying your addicted to marijuana is like saying your addicted to facebook (or something else that you really enjoy doing). as for alcohol, your body depends on alcohol. For marijuana, the addiction is all in your head. as far as overdosing, the theoretical amount of pot you have to consume is over a thousand hits (of course this cant be proven because no one has ever bothered to try it). with alcohol, it is very easy to suffer from alcohol poisoning if one gets drunk enough and is an alcoholic. for intoxication, alcohol leads to direct violence toward others, where marijuana simply makes people relaxed and more tolerant of their surroundings. alcohol can directly lead to serious physical injuries to ones body where marijuana is seldom seen as a direct cause.

Is marijuana okay?

Just like anything else, its okay in moderation Marijuana is safer to ingest in your body than alcohol, tobacco, all other drugs, and even caffeine.

What would happen if you take alcohol and marijuana at the same time?

If you took alcohol and "weed" at the same time, you would be in a very mixed-up state, by receiving the "high" effect from the marijuana, and then the "tipsy" to "drunk" effect from the alcohol. A fact sheet from the University of Washington Alcohol Drug Abuse Institute updated December 2012 reveals that combining both alcohol and marijuana creates interactions in the human body between the two. Research indicates that driving under the influence of both marijuana and alcohol at the same time is worse than driving under one or the other individually.

What form is marijuana used in?

Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it

Is smoking marijuana bad after getting a tattoo?

Smoking marijuana after getting a tattoo will cause no harm to your body. However, alcohol intake before getting a tattoo can cause excess bleeding.

Is Weed better than alcohol?

Weed is better for your body than alcohol for a few reasons.You won't throw up when you're high.You won't have a hangover.It feels better.You won't feel the need to do damaging things.It does less damage to your body.

How does marijuana enter your body?

Marijuana enters your body by inhaling it or chewing it.

Is marijuana harmful to the body?

no marijuana is good for you

Does drinking alcohol make you more likely to fail a drug test if you smoke marijuana?

Alcohol will not change what is in your body besides it. A urine test may have slightly lower levels of THC metabolites than usual (since alcohol is a diuretic and you will lose water quicker, diluting it somewhat) but if you smoked marijuana, you will still fail any drug test regardless.

Why isn't drug and alcohol good for you?

Drugs and alcohol are both lethal to the body. They can form addiction in the person, which could ruin their lives. Also, they are both harmful to organs and overall health.

What is worse alcohol or marijuana?

IMO, Alcohol. Because I have never met a mean stoner. But I have met a lot of mean drunks. As far as effects on health alcohol is far worse for you than marijuana. Alcohol causes damage to the liver. Alcohol is also possible (and very easy) to overdose with. It's called alcohol poisoning and can cause respiratory depression which can lead to death. Hundreds of people die in the United states every year from alcohol poisoning. Not one person has ever died from smoking too much marijuana. And that's a fact. Even in chronic users that have been smoking for over 10 years, no detrimental health problems have occurred. Marijuana has never shown any negative health effects. Alcohol kills thousands of people each year. However, research shows very clearly that using even small amounts of marijuana, and even then only occasionally, can result in schizophrenia later in life. Marijuana may not be bad for the body, but it is worse for the brain.

Why is weed illegal in many countries?

Weed AKA marijuana, is illegal in many countries because it is a culturally 'taboo' drug. A drug is defined as any substance that can cause a change in the body. Technically, Caffeine and Tylenol are also drugs, but because the effects are more mild on the body, there are less restrictions. Weed can cause mild hallucinogenic effects, impair driving, impair judgment etc... and over time can actually make your brain process information more slowly (in other words it can make you 'stupider') Marijuana is pretty much as harmful/harmless as alcohol. In actuality, it is less damaging to the brain then alcohol (less brain cells die) and the THC in marijuana is effective as a medicine.