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Is all bacteria harmful?

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No. Bacteria is part of our existence. We need bacteria in our daily lives. Bacteria are both harmful and useful to the environment and animals, including humans.

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What kinds of bacteria are harmful?

not all the bacteria harmful. bacteria that are harmful is i dont know sorry. have a nice DAY!!

Are microbes harmful?

All Microbes are not harmful. All virus are harmful. Some bacteria are harmful

All bacteria are harmful?


What organisms are bacteria harmful to?

There are harmful to all organisms, but some bacteria are helpful in many ways.

Are all bacteria harmful to humans?


Is bacteria in compost harmful?

Yes. Most bacteria is not harmful to us such as bacteria in a yogurt, but some bacteria is harmful.

Bacteria greatly out number harmful bacteria?

Yes. Most bacteria is not harmful to us such as bacteria in a yogurt, but some bacteria is harmful.

What are all the harmful bacteria?

There are hundreds if not thousands.

A friend states that all bacteria are harmful to people?

False. Yes, some are harmful but not all. Take for example cheese. It's made with bacteria. Yeast, found in bread, is bacteria.

All bacteria are classified as what?

All bacteria are classified as prokaryotes. Bacteria is based on its cell structure. Bacteria can be both beneficial and harmful to humans.

Are all bacteria harmful?

No, not all bacteria are harmful Infact some our good, like the ones in our gut that help us digest food. We should first understand what is bacteria and the common types of bacteria and how they grow in the

How much percent of bacteria are harmful?

5% of bacteria are harmful.

Useful and harmful effects of bacteria?

are there harmful and useful bacteria

What is the difference between helpful and harmful bacteria?

Harmful bacteria will harm you. Helpful bacteria will help you.

What percentage of bacteria is harmful?

Only 1% of bacteria is harmful to humans

Does food have bacteria?

Yes food does contain bacteria. Everything contains bacteria. Even the air you breathe. Fact: Not all bacteria is harmful.

Can bacteria cause sickness?

Bacteria can be both harmful and useful.Bacteria which are harmful and are responsible for the transmission of pathogens or are pathogenic via. disease causing are called virulent bacteria. Bacilli,coccus and spirillia are all disease causing bacteria.

What are harmful effects of bacteria?

make a list of beneficial and harmful effects of bacteria

How can bacteria be harmful to your body?

Bacteria can be harmful to the body if the species of bacteria is a harmful one. It can cause food poisoning, infect wounds, and pollute water. Some harmful types of bacteria are MRSA, E. Coli, and gangrene.

Is there bacteria in unspoiled cheese?

Yes. All cheese is a mass of bacteria, it is how it is formed. They are not harmful ones though.

Why do you need bacteria even if its harmful?

Firstly: Not all bacteria are harmful. Some bacteria, such as those found naturally in our stomachs, intestines, etc actually help us to break down and digest the food that we eat. If all the bacteria on the earth disappeared today, we would all die, that is how extremely important bacteria is to our existence. See the link below for more information on bacteria.

Is 75 percent of all bacteria are classified as pathogenic or harmful?


Why are some bacteria not harmful?

bacteria is not all harmful in actuality bacteria actually live inside of you the bacteria in your stomach make vitamins for your body which are essential for your survival. That is why after taking antibiotics you must east yogurt because yogurt has live bacteria in it that replace the good bacteria you lost from the medicine

Where is harmful bacteria live?

the harmful bacteria live in air,human body etc.

What harmful thing does bacteria do?

Bacteria can make you get a harmful diseese, and you could dye. ( I think )