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Yes, aluminum is a natural metal.In fact,it is the most abundant (8.3% by weight) metallic element .

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Is aluminium a metal or non metal?

Aluminium is a metal.

Can metal detector detect metal inside aluminium foil?

No because aluminium foil is metal.

Is aluminium absorbent?

Aluminium is a metal and is not absorbent.

Can aluminium patio furniture be recycled?

Yes, Aluminium patio furniture can be recycled. It also has it benefits, including the fact that it saves precious natural resources, and that aluminium can be recycled several times as it is a sustainable metal.

Is aluminium an alloy or metal?


Is aluminium a noble gas or a transition metal?

Neither. Aluminium is a group 13 metal or a main group metal.

Is aluminium a metal?

Aluminium is generally considered as a metal, but it shows some properties of metalloid also.

Is there iron in aluminium?

Aluminium is a metal (an element), not an alloy. This means that it's only made up of aluminium atoms. It has no other impurities in it. Aluminium ore is called bauxite. This has aluminium plus other substances in it, but aluminium on its own is a metal with just aluminium atoms in it.

Why is Aluminium a transition metal?

It is not a transition metal

Is aluminium a metal or a nonmetal?

Aluminum is a metal.

Is aluminium a pure metal or alloy?


Is alumium a metal?

Yes. Aluminium is a metal

Aluminum is metal or nonmetal?

Aluminium is a metal.

What is the chemical bonding of Al3o2?

The chemical bonding of the Aluminium Oxide is Ionic, as it is a mixture of a metal and a non-metal.Aluminium is the metal,Oxygen is the non-metal,

What type of metal is aluminium?

it is a pure metal but it can be a ferrous metal.

What type or metal is aluminium?

it is a pure metal but it can be a ferrous metal.

Is Aluminium a transition metal?


What are aluminum?

Aluminium is a metal.

Which metal do you get from bauxite?


What are facts about aluminium?

its a metal

Which metal do you get from bauxtie?


What is aluminum metal or a non mettaloid?

aluminium is a metal

Which is more durable metal or aluminum?

Aluminium is a metal

Is aluminium foil is a metal?

This foil is also a metal.

Is aluminium a radioactive metal?

is aluminum a radioactive metal