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yes, very ductile

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Is aluminum ductile or brittle?

Aluminium is ductile.

Is aluminum ductile?

Aluminium is ductile and has a low melting point and density.

Is aluminium more ductile than high carbon steel?

aluminium more

What type of element is shiny and ductile?

Metallic elements that are shiny and ductile would include aluminium, silver, and gold. [Lead is ductile, but not shiny. Chromium is shiny, but not ductile.]

Why would wheels made from pure aluminium be useless?

pure aluminium is very soft and it is ductile (flexible)

Which is the highest ductile metal among copper zinc steel aluminium?


Why is aluminum a good material to make things from?

Aluminium does not rust, is malleable and ductile.

Is aluminium brittle or ductile substance?

Commercially pure aluminum is very ductile; however, aluminum 'age hardens' and becomes brittle with time.

Which is most ductile material gold or steel or cast iron or aluminium?

Mild steel

Why electric wires made up of copper or aluminium?

because they are ductile and good conductor of electricity

Why is aluminium used in airoplanes?

because it is ductile, malleable and more importantly light weight and resistant to corrosion

Why copper and aluminium used as low frequency magnetic field detection?

They are both good conductors, but copper is better than aluminium, and sufficently ductile to easily make wire out of them.

What properties are described by the words 'malleable' and 'ductile'?

Malleable property describes the property of a substance such that it can be made into sheets by striking. Ductile property describes the property of a substance that it can be drawn into wires. For example: Aluminium, it is available in sheets and even in the form of wires.

Why is aluminum ductile?

Aluminium is made up of layers of ions/particles which help them to slide over each,enabling them to be drawn into wires.

Is brittle a characteristic of most metals?

No. A lot of metals are quite ductile, such as aluminium, tin, copper silver, gold - even some steels can be made to be quite ductile by adding other metals or by changing the speed at which it is cooled.

Special features of aluminum?

Aluminium (or aluminum) is a chemical element. The symbol for aluminium is Al, and its atomic number is 13. Aluminium is the most abundant metal. Aluminium is a very good conductor of electricity and heat. It is light and strong. It can be hammered into sheets (malleable) or pulled out into wires (ductile). It is a highly reactive metal, although it is corrosion resistant.

Are metals ductile or non-ductile?

Most metals are ductile to a greater of lesser extent.

Is ductile a element?

ductile is not an element. ductile is a property of an element

Is iron nail ductile or non ductile?

nail is it ductile

What are some properties that aluminum copper iron lead and gold share?

Aluminium, copper, iron, lead, and gold are all elements. They are all metals. They are malleable and ductile.

What are the examples of ductility in matter?

Ductility is the property of being easily lead into a different shape, such as a wire. [Mussolini was known as il duce = the leader.] Lead is a common ductile metal, and silver is a very valued one. [Sterling Silver has a few % of copper added to make it less ductile, hence its use as tableware. But this is at the expense of tarnishing.] Plain Aluminium is quite ductile.

Are metals ductile?

no it is ductile

Is yttrium not a ductile?

it is not a ductile

Is iron malleable ductile ot ductile?

yes malleable is very ductile

Why would a can be made from aluminum?

Because the metal is plentiful, light, ductile and corrosion resistant (the surface is covered by a stable, tough oxide that protects the metal underneath). The only drawback is that aluminium takes a lot of energy to smelt. Aluminium is 99% reusable since it is resistant to oxidisation.

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