Is ammonia a combustible gas?


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Yes it is slightly flammable.

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Neon is not a combustible gas.

Both flammable and combustible mean apt to burn.

Yes, Nitrogen is non-combustible.

Ammonia is a basic gas. It is not a neutral gas.

Ammonia is a basic gas. It is a gas. It is physical

Ammonia is a gas at room temperature.

Ammonia factories produce the gas ammonia (NH3).

What is the difference between ammonia gas and an ammonium ion?

It contain gas Ammonia. It is a basic gas

No, Ammonia is not considered a greenhouse gas.

Combustible can be used as an adjective and a noun. Adjective: Gas vapors are combustible. Noun: Don't store combustibles in the house.

Generally ammonia is a gas. There are many uses with ammonia.

A combustible gas is one which ignites to burn, deflagrate or detonate when mixed with air and an ignition source. A release is a purposeful or accidental lapse in contaiment or control of a material. In this case a gas, from a vessel or pipeline. A combustible gas release is then a loss of containment of a gas which can ignite to the indoor or exterior environment.

Ammonia is a gas - it can't be "straight".

Ammonia is a useful gas. Normally it is a basic gas.

No, at room temperature ammonia is a gas.

Ammonia is a tetra atomic gas.

No there is not. Ammonia is a harmful gas for body.

Ammonia is collected in the laboratory by upward delivery and downward displacement of air....

Nitrogen Gas + Hydrogen Gas --> Ammonia Gas Or 2H3 + N2 --> 2NH3 This is a balanced equation. The general formula for ammonia is NH3

Ammonia gas moves faster than hydrogen gas because the atomic weight of ammonia (17) is less than hydrogen chloride (36).

Ammonia gas is a base. Ammonium is an ion derived from ammonia.

Methane is the answer, By the destructive distillation of coal, we can obtain coal gas, coal tar and ammonia. Coke is left as a residue. Coal gas contains methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Since all the three are combustible, coal gas is a good fuel with a high calorific value.

Ammonia is a harmful gas. It is pyramidal in shape.

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