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Doesn't sound like a symptom I've heard of, but take a home test or go see a doctor. Then you'll know for sure if you are pregnant or not.

You might want to see your doctor as it may even be a cyst like mine was, if you are not pregnant .

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Q: Is an abnormal heavy ball-like feeling in the abdomen a symptom of pregnancy?
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When do you start feeling pressure in lower abdomen during pregnancy?

2nd trimester- almost into 3rd

Can dull aching and a pulling pressure like feeling in the lower abdomen be a sign of pregnancy?


Are there Pregnancy tests for dogs?

no! where did you get that fromPregnancy is usually diagnosed by palpation (feeling the abdomen), and confirmed by x-ray (which indicates the number of pups in the uterus). However, a blood test is also available to detect pregnancy.

Is feeling sleepy tired hungry and lower abdomen cramp sigins of early pregnancy?

It can be but take a test. I get that way before I get my period.

Is a strange feeling almost like a bubble in your lower right abdomen along with some fluttering a sign of pregnancy?

Hello. This could be a sign of pregnancy or simply wind.

Does a funny feeling in your lower abdomen indicate pregnancy?

No, it isn't one of the symptoms although general nausea can be. Check with a home test if you are wondering.

What causes abdomen pain fullness nausea metallic taste in mouth the feeling of something stuck in the throat loose bowel movements have in common?


Is tightness in lower abdomen after sex a sign of pregnancy?

I have experienced tightness and cramping after sex. later in pregnancy, sex can bring on labor. early in pregnancy, your probably feeling your muscles contracting after orgasm because it affects your uterus as well. like braxton hicks contractions

Are these signs of pregnancy cramping feeling very tired and pain in abdomen?

While tiredness is a sign of early pregnancy, the other signs are not. Possibly it would be best to seek a medical opinion. A pregnancy home test can be done as well. Absence of periods is often the first sign of pregnancy along with tiredness.

If you push on your abdomen say 3 weeks into a possible pregnancy can you tell what to look for as a doctor does to see if you are pregnant?

A doctor would not be able to tell you were pregnant by feeling your abdomen until about 3 months, so no, there is no way to tell. You would have to take a test.

What are discrete signs of early pregnancy?

slight lower abdomen pain, breast tenderness, period loss, change in mood, lack of energy, feeling tired all the time

Does occasionally feeling like hot fluid passing over lower abdomen means pregnancy sign as well?

No. Cramping in your lower abdomen is a good indication because your body is preparing for a baby to form. Hot fluid shouldn't happen. Your stomach is just upset.

What is the sympton of pregnancy?

First sign of pregnancy would be delayed periods. However, feeling nauseous, sleepy, exhausted, mood swings, and light cramps in lower abdomen could be the symptoms of pregnancy. If your period is late, go for a blood test right away for a final answer! Good luck!

Can you experience pregnancy symptoms such as a heavy feeling in the lower abdomen tiredness headaches heartburn frequent urination and cramping if you've recently stopped taking birth control pills?

Yes. You might be pregnant.

How can you tell that your girl is pregnant the signschanges to the bodyetc?

Headaches Dizziness Feeling sick/actually being sick Exhausted Frequent urination Missed period Positive pregnancy test Tender/sore/larger breasts Hard abdomen (not neccessarily at the beginning of pregnancy) Emotional/moody

Is a feeling of excitement a pregnancy symptom?


Can strange fluttering in lower abdomen be a symptom of pregnancy before you miss your period?

It is possible. The fluttering, however, would not be fetal movement...that is not detectable until about 16-22 weeks of pregnancy. The funny feeling in your abdomen could be stretching of the uterus...but that would feel more like cramps, stretching, or twinges. I know it feels like forever when you are wondering if you are pregnant, but the only way to really tell is wait until your expected period and if you do not get it then take a home pregnancy test.

What is a pulsating feeling in the lower right of the abdomen a constant come and go pulsating feeling?

It might be an aortic aneurysm and you should get it checked out

Is feeling your heartbeat in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?


What is a feeling of tiredness that indicates pregnancy?


If you have the feeling of gas in stomach are you pregnant?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are the normal symptoms of pregnancy. A feeling of gas in the stomach is a normal human sensation.

You are feeling movement in your stomach and can see your stomach move but is not gas can it be anything else but pregnancy?

No it is pregnancy!!!

What is a palpation in a rabbit?

Palpation is the act of feeling the doe rabbit's abdomen to determine if she is pregnant or not.

Is feeling gassy a symptom of early pregnancy?

No dear.

Is feeling bloated and swollen burst symptoms of pregnancy?


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