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Is an adult considered disabled if they are under 5'0?

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Is an IQ of 50 good?

An IQ of 50 is considered low for a human adult. Most humans have an IQ that is between 85 and 100. Anyone with an IQ of 120 or over is considered a genius.

What angle is 50 degrees?

An angle that is 50 degrees would be considered an "acute" angle. This is because it is under 90 degrees. Anything above 90 would be considered "obtuse".

If a child marry while she is under age is she consider a adult?

Rethink your question. You are asking "if a child gets married, while under age, is she considered older than someone born before her?" The answer is no. A child will be a child until he or she grows up. That's like asking "if a 20 year old woman marries a 50 year old man, is she considered old?"

What is a normal heart rate for an 18 month old?

* Newborn: 130 * Older Child: 90-110 * Adult: 50-100* Newborn: 130 * Older Child: 90-110 * Adult: 50-100* Newborn: 130 * Older Child: 90-110 * Adult: 50-100* Newborn: 130 * Older Child: 90-110 * Adult: 50-100* Newborn: 130 * Older Child: 90-110 * Adult: 50-100* Newborn: 130 * Older Child: 90-110 * Adult: 50-100

How much for a horse for 2 hours in Bali?

In U.S. dollars, the cost is $53 per adult, and $50 per child under twelve.

How far is the softball mound from home plate on a softball diamond?

There are different standards depending on age, gender, and type of pitch: Male: * Under 15: 46 feet * Under 18: 43 feet * College & Adult: 50 feet Female: * All ages: 50 feet Male: * All ages: 46 feet Female: * Under 18: 40 feet * College & Adult: 43 feet

What is the Adult male chimp weight?

50-110 pounds is a average adult chimp.

About how much does an adult porcupine weigh?


What is considered a low iron count?

A low serum iron level for women is under 50, and for men is under 65. There are earlier indications of low iron count as well, such as ferritin.

A nervous adult does this 50 times a minute?


How many angelfish for 50 gallon tank?

depending on whether you plan to keep them till adult hood a 50 g tank will hold 4 adult angels

Is there anywhere you can buy a tablet under 50?

i dont think that you can get 1 for under $50

Can a male under the age of 21 get married without his parent's consent in the state of Ill.?

no,you are still considered a minor in all 50 stats.

Can you claim a disabled parent on your taxes?

YES - if you can document that your support is 50% or greater of the parents disability check

50 dollar car you want to remove the factory alarm on a 96 chrysler sebring?

It can not be removed or disabled.

What is a good keyboard under$50?

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is a good keyboard under$50

How many bones are the adult human body?

think 50 because adult has long bodys or maybe 40

What is the expected range of a radial pulse in an adult?

50 to 65

How many adult elephants need to drink?

about 50 liters

How many bones does the average human adult skeleton has?


How many teeth does a opossum have?

Well they have 18 more teeth than a human adult. Which a human adult has 32 teeth. So 32+18=50. So they have 50 teeth.

Why 50 volts safe for human?

Anything under 50 volts of electricity is not considered a fatal level of electrocution, but, you should consult OSHA for more specific safety information regarding working with live electrcity.

What is a good blood pressure for woman age 50 at 5'7 140 pounds?

A normal blood pressure for a 50 year old woman is a top number under 120 and a bottom number under 80. Prehypertension is considered when a person's top number is between 120 and 139.

What are normal hemoglobin levels or amounts of iron for adult males over age 50?

Normal levels of hemoglobin for adult males over age 50 are 12.4 - 14.9 g/dl.

Can you collect Social Security at the age of 52?

There are a number of potential monetary benefits that someone 52 may be eligible to collect under SSA either under their own earnings record or that of another significant party (parent, step parent, spouse, divorced spouse, deceased spouse). * A disabled person on his/her own earnings record (social security disability benefits) * A disabled widow(er) between the ages of 50 - 60 (at age 60 he/she could be potentially entitled as a widow(er)) on the deceased person's earnings record (disabled widow(er) benefits) * A disabled child (an adult child who was found to be disabled prior to age 22 and eligible on a parent's earnings record (Adult disabled child benefits) * A mother in care of a child entitled on the earnings record of the other spouse (the child would need to be under age 16 or disabled and need the care of the party applying for daily care) (Child in care benefits). Additional requirements and factors of entitlement should be directed to a SSA representative for a more detailed account of what your particular case involves. Earnings limits apply in all these cases - some would fall under the annual earnings test and the cases where a disability is the factor of entitlement substantial gainful activity applies. Those amounts are set annually. However, if you are referring to SSA retirement benefits - the earliest age to collect retirement benefits is 62. The earliest to collect widow(er) benefits - no disability alleged, minor and/or children in care - is age 60. Again, earnings limits apply. ** note this is not an all inclusive response - please check with SSA for additional factors of entitlement and how they may apply to you!This is possible only if you become disabled; you cannot collect retirement income until age 62 or older.