Is an ant an animal?


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Yes. It is the Class Insecta, the Phylum Anthropoda, and the Kingdom Animalia. Anything in the Kingdom Animalia is an animal.

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an ant is made of animal cells.

a ant is a ground creature.

An ant is classed as a verterbrate animal however it has one of the smallest verterbrates in the world.

ANSWER:The ant is the lightest animal in the world.

The smallest animal in the earth is an ant.

No the slowest animal is ant

A ant is the strongest animal because it can lift things twenty times its size and weight.

ant, antelope, alligator, ant eater, ape

Anteaters is an animal or insect that is an ant predator. Also, human beings can be a threat to ants. So can birds. A lot of things can be a predator to an ant.

It is in the insect category.

Ant queens lay eggs which would make them oviparous.

An ant is an animal that can represent togetherness and group effort. The ant also can symbolize perseverance, self-discipline, and strength.

Depends what type of animal... Elephant, mouse, ant?

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Ants are members of the animal kingdom.

its related to an ant eater

an ant is the shortest land animal, if you don't include bacteria

if mean any ant its definitely ants because the bullet ant has the worst sting of any animal

i think the ant belongs to the insect group because it has 6 legs and also did you know that an ant can carry 10 times its on wait!

ant is an invertibrate cause it is insect and it does not have backbone

An ant is a very small creature.

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