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Is an ant an insect or animal?


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Ants are both.

# The ant is in the class Insecta making it an insect. # The class Insecta falls within the kingdom Animalia. # Therefore all ants are insects and thus are also animals.

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Anteaters is an animal or insect that is an ant predator. Also, human beings can be a threat to ants. So can birds. A lot of things can be a predator to an ant.

It is in the insect category.

ant is an invertibrate cause it is insect and it does not have backbone

-The answer is ANT. But it could be some other insect...

No, an ant is an insect.

i think the ant belongs to the insect group because it has 6 legs and also did you know that an ant can carry 10 times its on wait!

Yes. An ant is a insect.

No an ant is a terrestrial insect.

I am an ANT and my insect name in my name is Steve.

ant is a smallest insect

The hardworking animal or insect is an ant. Ants work together as a colony to feed, build, and work together to take care of their young.

An ant got stomp by a human or get eat by other insect or ant eater. An ant is not that strong, but a horde can.

No. Ant is a noun, an insect. It can be used as an adjunct in some cases (ant farm, ant trap) but it is not actually an adjective.

A example of an insect is ant, ants have 3 body sections.

An insect is a type of animal. Any structure on an insect is, by definition, a structure on an animal.

An ant is not like an octopus. An ant in an insect. An octopus is a mollusk. They are not related to one another at all.

They teach this in kindergarten: ant

dead insect,grains,other insect,ants in the ground ( NOT THE SAME AS THEM), underground insect, etc.

a spider(but a spider is not an insect) and an ant. there are more but i do not knoe them all. :)

The insect that is called an anti-social insect is the ant. However, there are times when ants are referred to as social creatures.

It is correct to say an animal and an insect.

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