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Is an earthquake a transverse wave or a longitudinal wave?

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Earthquakes generate both transverse and longitudinal waves.

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Is rarefaction in a longitudinal or transverse wave?

A rarefaction can be in a longitudinal and transverse wave. (Longitudinal and transverse wave are both Mechanical waves)

Must a wave be transverse or longitudinal explain?

A wave must be transverse or longitudinal or both.

Is a radio wave longitudinal?

Radio wave is not a longitudinal wave it is a transverse wave

How do longitudinal and transverse waves differ?

Longitudinal Wave:The oscillation is is parallel to the direction of wave travel.Example:sound, spring,"P_type" earthquake waveTransverse Waves:The Oscillation is perpendicular to the direction of wave travel.Example:radio or light waves , string, "S-type", earthquake waves.

What wave is partly longitudinal and partly transverse?

Earthquake waves , electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves..

What is the difference between longitudinal and transverse wave?

The vibration of the Longitudinal wave is parallel to the wave direction and the vibration is perpendicular to the direction in the transverse wave.

What do longitudinal waves have to do with earthquakes?

The disturbance from an earthquake propagates as a wave. This wave can be either longitudinal or transverse. (Since waves that pass through the Earth's core are always longitudinal, geologists conclude that the Earth is liquid. A liquid won't transport transverse waves.)

Who transverse waves are different from longitudinal waves?

A longitudinal wave is a "side-on" waveform. A transverse Wave is a "end-on" waveform.

Is a sound wave a longitudinal wave?

A sound wave is indeed a longitudinal wave as opposed to a transverse wave

Transverse and longitudinal waves both?

Quaternion waves, e.g. earthquake wave, P and S waves..

Is sound a transverse wave?

No, sound is a longitudinal wave

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