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Q: Is an electric bass in the string family?
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What family does the electric bass belong to?

The string family.

What instrument family is the electric bass in?

The electric bass is in the string family. The qualification for being in the string family is the ability to produce sound through the vibration of strings.

What instruments is in the string family?

In the string family is the guitar, electric bass, violin, viola, cello, double bass, banjo, mandolin, Ukulele, and harp.

What family is the string bass in?

it is cause the string bass has 4 strings so it belongs to the string family lol :D

What is the difference between a electric bass and a electric guitar?

6 string guitar = treble electric bass= bass

How do electric bass strings compare to upright bass strings?

Well, for one, string bass strings are a lot longer than electric bass strings. I wouldn't recommend putting string bass strings on an electric bass and vice versa.

What is considered to be the bass instrument in the string family?

The stringed bass/upright bass has the lowest register in the string family. The cello is also a bass string instrument, though it's not as low as the bass.

Is bass in the string family?

Members of the orchestral string family are Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.

Why are guitar electric bass violin viola cello double bass banjo mandolin part of the string family?

Because you play them all with strings

What family is double bass?


What is the string family in music?

the string family is all the instruments with strings. I for my self am a musician that plays the violin, trombone, bass, and electric guitar. those were some examples besides the trombone.

Which family does the double bass belong in?

The Double Bass belongs to the String Family of Instruments.

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