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Is an employee's accrued vacation time due to job injury Workmens Compensation?

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How do I calculate vacation days accrued at a rate of .625 monthly for semi-monthly salaried employees?

I do not know how to answer this question can you please show me

Do you have to pay an employee accrued vacation?


Does an employer in Florida have to pay accrued vacation time when you quit?

No, an employer in Florida does not have to pay accrued vacation time when you quit. That is if it in the company policy, it is not mandatory.

Journal entry to record an accrued vacation expense?

Though I have never heard the term "accrued vacation expense" nor have I ever heard of a "vacation" being a business expense, however, the journal entry would be handled like most "payables". So if your company uses the account of Accrued Vacation Expense, the journal entry should be something like....Vacation Expense (debit) $XXXAccrued Vacation Expense (credit) $XXXOnce the amount is paid, a debit would be recorded in the Accrued Vacation Expense account and a credit to Cash, to remove it from the books and note that the debt (or expense) has been met.

Can an employee not be paid although the person has accrued time?

All employees must be paid. All US states have payday laws specifying how frequently pay but be distributed. "Accrued time" usually refers to vacation or sickleave earned and banked month by month.

Must employers pay accrued vacation time to terminated employees in New York State?

I was terminated from my position and my employer has withheld my vacation, holiday and sick time accrued and did not pay me severance pay. I was a top manager who fired people in my organization and I made sure they received these benefita upon termination. Should my employer provide me with the same?

Why did white collar workers have more time off than blue collar workers?

White collar workers were more likely to be longer term employees with seniority and accrued benefits vs. hourly/labor employees receiving no such vacation from the union hall.

Is accrued vacation pay belong to current liability?

No, it belongs to non-current liability

Do employers in the state of Texas have to pay a fired employee accrued vacation time?


In Georgia if you are terminated from your job do you get your sick time and vacation time?

You are not entitled under law to receive any accrued paid time off. The only way you would have a claim would be if your company's policies stated you would receive your accrued time off (usually this is only if you voluntarily resign with proper notice) and/or if the company has paid accrued paid time off to other employees who have been terminated.

Vacation pay accrued during maternity leave?

During a legislated or approved leave of absence from work, employment is considered continuous. Therefore, an employee is still considered employed, though not earning wages. The leave does not affect employees' right to take vacation time; it only affects the amount of vacation wages earned. See the Vacations and Vacation Pay page for details on earning and paying vacation. Maternity leave is an unpaid leave so you would be entitled to vacation pay service Canada for more details.

What is the Opportunity cost of taking a vacation from work?

The opportunity cost of taking a vacation from work, in all likelihood, is the wage and/or benefits accrued from having worked. This represents the highest alternative benefit forgone to take the vacation.

How many working days are in 52 weeks?

260 if you don't have vacation accrued. You also have to take holidays into account.

Do you get paid your accrued sick time if you are laid off?

sick leave and vacation are unregulated. There is no general answer to your question - it is employer specific.

What is possessive form of weeks?

The possessive form for the plural noun weeks is weeks'.Example: I have accrued three weeks' vacation this year.

What is the plural possessive form of weeks?

The possessive form for the plural noun weeks is weeks'.Example: I have accrued three weeks' vacation this year.

Can an employer refuse to give the employee his earned vacation time off and not to pay them?

Under "normal" employment termination curcumstances, this question depends entirely on the state in which you work in. Different states have different regulations which will contribute to the outcome of your earned vacation pay. In many states, employers are required by law to pay an employee accrued vacation time, regardless of whether you quit, or are fired. Your "earned" vacation time is looked upon exactly as that - "EARNED", so it is considered a payable and taxable. There are states however where there are no provisions, and the outcome of whether you receive pay for accrued time is entirely up to your employer. In a case such as this, you have to consider the following factors: * Does the state require pay for unused vacation time at all (some states just simply do not require this)? * Was there an agreement which entitles the employee to be paid for accrued time off? * Was there an agreement which DOES NOT entitle the employee to be paid for accrued time off? * What is listed in the employee handbook? -HR Monkey-

Journal entry for accrued income?

[Debit] Accrued income receivable [Credit] Accrued income

What is the journal entry accrued income?

[Debit] Accrued income receivable [Credit] Accrued income

If an employee retires on December 31 and still has vacation time left does the employee get paid for accrued time or do they lose it?

It really depends on the organization. Some companies pay the employee for accrued time, while others do not. He/she should check with the Human Resources Department.

What is the entry of accrued traveling expenses?

[Debit] Accrued traveling expenses [Credit] Accrued expenses payable

Should a company pay an employee all accrued but unused vacation at termination or resignation?

Ethically is a good-will gesture that would be a sound moral judgment to make. Legally, some states require accrued leave be paid to employees upon separation (some may restrict it to willful resignation only), other states rely on company policy to determine whether the accrued time will or won't be paid upon separation, and other states have no laws, meaning you will probably not be paid and will not have a case to claim it unless you can demonstrate that your employer routinely paid others in a similar situation to yourself.

Is Accrued tax a liability?

YES! Accrued taxes are usually due to payroll.Example: employees that get paid by period may have that period partially split at the end of the year. Lets say an employee paid biweekly with one week of the pay period falling in this year and the other in the next. At year end there will be an accrued tax liability for those FICA taxes due for the portion that has not yet been paid, but that has accrued as a liability. Remember this is a principle in accrual accounting!!!

If your employer files for bankruptcy and you file for unemployment does he have to pay for any vacation pay due to you?

The unemployment thing being irrelevant get that in almost all cases..but the accrued vacation in most bankruptcies is not paid. Cash type payroll is.

What are the examples of accrued expenses?

Accrued expense refers to an expense that has been incurred but not yet paid. Examples of accrued expense items might be interest that has accrued on an outstanding note that has not been paid, and taxes that have accrued but not yet been paid.