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Is an employee liable to pay for an injury if he or she was horseplaying and caused an injury or is it covered by workmens comp?


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The employee who instigated the "horse-play" will probably be held personally responsible for any injury or damage claim. WCI only applies to injuries incurred when the employee is performing regular job related duties. The injured person can file a lawsuit to recover medical and any other expenses caused by the person who started the rough-housing.


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Workmens sells an Insurance that covers the policy holder for injuries or medical conditions caused by their employment which leads them to be unable to work. It provides a salary.

Possibly - not likely. Stroke would have to be caused by the job or the job would have to contribute to it - difficult to prove.

Not unless you can prove: -that a work condition caused or exacerbated a seizure condition, -that a stressful work environment exacerbated an existing seizure condition, -that a required duty caused you to be in a place where you sustained a head injury which caused the seizure, or -that your employer required you to be at work despite their knowledge of an unusually high risk of seizure activity (you had run out of medication, for example).

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yes you are . * It depends on what activity caused the injury. If the person was engaging in irresponsible behavior he or she may not qualify for WCI benefits.

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If directly caused by an employee's workplace injury. But it was after hours

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In third party car insurance policy following risks are covered: Liability when death or injury is unlimited Death or Injury caused to a third party Damage caused to third party property

Speaking from personal experience and a great deal of research with a fully disabled by Melanoma patient, not as a WC specialist: Unless you are something like a lifequard and would want to pursue some direct link between your employment and the developing of cancer (and that may not be easy to prove), there would seem to be no reason it would be a disability caused by or at the employment and covered by WC. If it prevents you from working it generally does qualify as a disability for Social Security (and presumably other) disability coverages. Probably not unless there was outrageous work conditions. Skin cancer is a condition that can be part of your family tendencies. If you work outside, are light skinned and have moles, you're a candidate and should probably wear sunscreen, but since it isn't a situation where EVERYONE who works outside will get skin cancer, the workmens comp insurance probably won't pay for it.

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