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I don't know anything in the Code that requires it.

The EmployER application for Group Medical Coverage asks if an Employer would like to allow an employee to keep coverage for up to 6 months. What if the Employer is only paying a portion of the premium? The Employee would still have to pay his portion.

For a copy of the Blue Cross employer application Question # 10

There is always COBRA

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Where can one purchase comp insurance?

One can purchase a compensation insurance from any local insurance provider through an insurance agent or broker. Some of the countries have an automatic coverage of compensation insurance like Pennsylvania.

If primary insurance denies coverage and you have secondary who is responsible to pay the bill?

== == If secondary insurance denies coverage, YOU get to pay the bill. == ==

What types of coverage does Secura Insurance provide?

Secura Insurance offers insurance for homeowners and farms as well as auto insurance. They also offer a range of business insurance, including workers' compensation, industry-specific insurance and coverage for non-profits.

If you have full coverage auto insurance and am driving a friend's car who doesn't have insurance and you get a no insurance citation who is responsible for this citation?

the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the ticket. he/she/they are legally required to at least have the minimum liability coverage your state requires.

Can you sue the state for hitting a deer your car is total and your insurance will not pay?

You are required by law to have liabilty coverage, but not collision coverage. If you did not have collision coverage then you are not due any compensation by your insurance company. If you did have collision insurance and the insurance company will not pay, then you may be able to sue the insurance company, but you cannot sue the state.

What is the minimum insurance coverage you need for a small catering business?

In Oregon that would be Workman's Compensation.

Does homeowner's insurance cover a contractor working on my property and has an accident?

No, Your homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage hired workers. A contractor is responsible for his own insurance policy or workman's compensation to cover injuries to himself and his employees. A contractor is not your employee and therefore not your responsibility, he is self employed.

Why are many group insurance policies written on a nonoccupational basis?

Occupational coverage is provided by worker's compensation

Can you receive financial compensation from your employer if you do not take your employer's health insurance?

Yes. A company may offer a credit if you decline insurance as long as you have other coverage. If you dont have other coverage you can't opt out of insurance if offered by your company

What is the purpose of continuing insurance education?

The purpose of continuing insurance education is to keep workers in that field aware of any changes that may have occured. You must be up to date in order to give your client the best coverage.

If you repossess your car do you have to continue insurance coverage on that vehicle?

I take it you mean, if your car IS repossessed. In that case, IF you dont plan to redeem it, NO. NO car, NO insurance. Once the lender repos the car, they are responsible for the insurance coverage.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to the remaining owner from a homicide committed within the residence?

No. Homeowners insurance is "Property Insurance" it does not provide coverage for personal injury to the insured. You should look to your medical insurance for coverage applicable to bodily injury and your life insurance policy for compensation for loss of life.

If a garbage truck hit your parked car do you go through insurance or go to the town hall and what insurance will cover that?

If you have collision coverage on your vehicle, the damage is covered under your policy. Your insurance company will then attempt to recover ("subrogate") the responsible parties insurance carrier....or the responsible party directly if they were not covered by insurance. If you do not carry collision coverage on the damaged vehicle, your only avenue of recovery is through the responsible parties insurance carrier or, the responsible party directly if they were not insured.

Will I need business liability insurance for a forklift rental?

5 TYPES OF INSURANCE YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS 1.BUSINESS AUTO INSURANCE 2.COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INSURANCE 3.COMMERCIAL UMBRELLA INSURANCE 4.GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE 5.WORKERSโ€™ COMPENSATION INSURANCE Workers Compensation Insurance provides coverage for both work related injuries and some lost income. We also represent several top rated workers compensation insurance companies and can get you the right coverage that fits your business insurance budget.

I was working at anmusment park when a tree fell on me?

Your employers workers compensation insurance will provide coverage for work related injuries.

Who is responsible if A tree limb fell during a storm uprooted sewer pipes on your property will your insurance cover it?

No one is "Responsible" for an act of nature. However, So Long as you have "Windstorm Coverage' your Homeowners Insurance Policy should cover the damage to your plumbing and may provide coverage for the trees removal. Contact Your Insurance Agent to determine if you have the applicable coverage.

Does cosigning an auto loan make you responsible for insurance?

Yes, you are responsible If the person you co-signed for is behind in payments and the insurance coverage expires you are responsible to insure the car until it is sold or the person gets the payments caught up and pays the insurance.

Who is responsible for liability coverage when you cancel your insurance and get another?

Ultimately the insured is responsible for obtaining adequate liability insurance coverage. If a loss is incurred, it will generally be covered by whichever policy was in force at the time of the loss excepting where Professional liability is the covering policy type.

Does a stuntman get health insurance?

He should, and he should also either ensure that he's covered by Workers' Compensation or Occupational Accident coverage.

Does full coverage insurance cover vehicle damage due to Bad fuel by a gas station?

Try to get compensation from fuel station

What does WC stand for in health insurance?

Depending upon the context, it may stand for Workers Compensation. Generally, Workers Compensation coverage is primary (over private health insurance) for a work-related injury. This means that the benefits payable under Worker's Compensation are first paid before any liability under the health insurance policy is triggered.

In a car accident can you sue for more then what there insurance is he had 100.000 coverage but that only covers my medicalcan i get more?

You can sue for whatever the damages are regardless of the amounts of coverage, however, The insurance company is only responsible for the limits of the policy they issued. So you can sue the at fault party for 200,000 if you like. But the insurance company only has to pay you it's share of what the limits of the policy stated at 100,000. You will need to go after the driver and their family for any additional funds. You can also look to your own underinsured motorist coverage if you purchased the coverage with your policy for further compensation.

Does a homeowner need liability insurance if their having remodeling done?

Your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for hired workers. It is advisable that you ensure your contractor's doing the remodeling job for you have liability insurance in the event they damage your property or someone else's and appropriate medical coverage or workman's compensation for their workers.

What types of coverage does Signal Insurance offer?

Signal Insurance Group, LLC is an insurance company based out of Greenville, SC. They are a full range insurance company. They offer home, auto, and other personal insurance. They offer commercial insurance as well as workers compensation insurance.

Can you be on a break at work and get injured and still be covers?

If your question refers to coverage by workers' compensation insurance, the answer is "yes." Any injury in the workplace is covered.