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An external hard drive should be able to be used with any files.

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Is it possible to download photos and music to a flash drive?

Yes, you are able to put music, games ,and other media on a usb 2.0 flash drive.

Will an iMac recognize the content of a Seagate external drive used to backup a PC?

It will not recognize any Windows software but will recognize JPG photos and music.

Does a external hard drive help PC if you don't have enough disk space for pictures and music?

well yes ,if you redirect the files to the external drive.

Will an External CD DVD drive put music onto your computers hard drive?

Only if you copy them.

How do you transfer music from CD to netbook?

Use an external DVD/ CD drive

How do you transfer music from external hard drive to windows media player?


How do you transfer music from an external hard drive to an iTunes library?

while transferring music from an external hard drive to my iTunes library, when dragging the files into the iTunes library, the files cannot be found according to iTunes. Why is this ? while transferring music from an external hard drive to my iTunes library, when dragging the files into the iTunes library, the files cannot be found according to iTunes. Why is this ?

What does a media hard drive do?

I believe it stores any type of media for example: music, photos, video, etc. in the hard drive.

Can a Ipad play music and videos and games and display photos?

maybe :O

What can a portable hard drive copy?

Anything. You can use it to store things just like you would a internal hard drive. So you can store videos, music, data, games, programs, or whatever you could possibly want on an external hard drive.

What can you do on the Nintendo DSi?

take photos on different lenses, record music, play around with music, play games, go on the internet and play games!

How do you make PS3 read your portable hard drive?

Connect to the USB port on the PS3 and see if that works. Your will not be able to download games and add ons but should be able to do music photos and videos

How do you take music from you external hard drive and put it into your computer?

Open the external HD, find the file and drag it over to the computer and drop in the file you want it in.

If I am buying a hard drive to back up music and other files which is best to get a portable or other Hard drive what memory would I need?

I would get an external 250GB hard drive for movies and pics. Or if you backing up your whole Master drive a 1.5TB External hard drive world be the best.

Should you buy the MacBook Pro 2.26GHz or the 2.53GHz with the bigger memory hard drive if your going to be using it for school music photos and videos?

First, that's about $300-$500 more (depending on config), and yes it is wroth it. Are you buying new or used. eBay has some nice buys on new and used MacBooks & MacBook Pro. By the way, the processing speed is more important then the hard drive memory because I have friends that use an external hard drive to store their videos and photos while leaving the music on the computer for iTunes to play.

Can you use an iPhone to store and retrieve photos music and videos on an external hard drive without a PC or Mac?

Yes, if the iPhone has a USB port it can be configured to access files on a USB hard drive plugged into that port. However as I don't have an iPhone I cannot give you details on what settings might be needed on the iPhone.

How do you download music from you ipod to your computer?

You can do it using a number of software applications out there, or you can do it simply using the ipod as an external drive

How can you transfer music from PlayStation Vita to a USB drive?

The Vita doesn't have a PC's operating system and can't access an external drive/storage - it just doesn't know what to do with it. You would have to connect the Vita to a PC or laptop and copy the music to that, and then copy it from there to the USB drive.

What are CD drive used for?

They are used for reading data stored onto compact disks like music, photos, documents, and programs.

Why do you get the message Itunes library cannot be saved an unknown error occurred 13001 mac os x?

I had this error too. I store my music on an external hard drive. I renamed the external drive and then went to iTunes preferences and under the "advanced" tab, I reset my file path for saving and storing music. Problem fixed :)

How do you get my Windows Media Player library to load on new computer?

Any music you have a license to play can be downloaded from an external drive via a USB port. Simply transfer the music directory files into the Music directory located on the hard drive of your computer. This can be a slow procedure, as music files are quite large.

How do you transfer an itunes library from a mac to a PC?

use an external hard drive and copy the "itunes music" folder from you mac to your PC

How do you transfer mp3's to my PS3 from a external HDD?

Well its easy all you do is format the drive to fat32 and you copy the music inside the drive and later connect the drive to ps3 and the rest should be easy.

Why do exclamation marks show up on your itunes library?

This happens to my itunes because I have an external drive attached to my computer. The external drive backs up my data because I have had my C drive almost crash before. Sometimes when I purchase a song, the program saves the file under the K drive (this is the external drive on my computer). Once you find the song, and open it, it will no longer be "!" You will need to do some file search on the drive for the "itunes music" folder. The file will have a name of "download". Once you get the hang of finding it, you can correct this little problem.

Music and media storage?

I find the best way to store media and music files is first on my desktop in the appropriate folders and then in an external hard drive. It is a relief to know I will always have them on the other hard drive should my computer ever crash unexpectedly.