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It depends. Two hours total homework isn't too much - you can get that done before dinner and have the whole evening free. Two hours on top of what you're already doing seems a bit much and you should have a talk with your teachers about how much work you have every night.

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yes 5-6 graders should get only about one hour of homework

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Q: Is an extra 2 hours homework too much for an 11 year old child?
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What is national honor junior society?

they are straight "A" students that can do extra work for $15. the extra work is pretty much helping the community as well as extra homework.

Lauren spent 24 hours on the computer last week she spent 2 thrids of the time doing homework how much time did lauren spend doing homework?

If Lauren spend 2/3 of her 24-hour computer time doing homework, this means she spent 16 hours doing homework. Each third of the 24 hours is 8 hours, so two thirds would be 16 hours.

How much homework should 5th grader get?

1-1.5 hours per night

How much homework does the average junior high student do daily?

2-3 hours

How much time does the average kid spend on homework in eighth grade?

About a hour and 30 minutes or less your child is spending more time see if he/she needs any help with his/her homework.Also if your child is getting low grades think about his/her homework or just check his/her homework.

Why is it good to limit homework?

You should have enough to help you learn, but not so much that you can't finish it in a few hours

How much should a child have compared to an adult?

5 hours

How much rest does a child need?

a child needs up to 8 to 9 hours of rest

How far can a child walk in 24 hours?

It depends on how much physical exercise the child gets.

How much homework do high school kids have?

It depends on what high school you attend, and it also depends on the teachers you have. Most students average between 2-4 hours of homework a night.

Is too much homework bad for kids?

It could be, as it probably wouldn't leave enough play or free time for them. Not enough physical activity is detrimental to a child's health, and too much homework or even sitting on front of the Xbox console could make a child less physically active than he or she should be.

How much fun does a child have to have in a day?

between 0 and 24 hours