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Yes, but it has to be a pretty big shell not the little normal ones.

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Look at the link below these are Golden Apple Snail eggs.

I assume you mean the Golden Apple snail. Use that link, it is a picture of an apple snail. I keep them as pets, so you might not know, but they have different sexes unlike most snails.

what eats the apple snail

Apple snail can develop in the water.If it does not do that,the snail is not going to be develop. Apple snail can develop in the water.If it does not do that,the snail is not going to be develop.

i do not know my apple snail layed eggs i do not know what to do

yes, they are hard and stick to the side of the tank. make sure they do not fall into the water

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Yes, there are Apple snails in the Everglades

The French put them in apple pies.

only if their hungry and its sunny outside

No, they aren't; apple snails are gasteropodmolluscs.

No fish can live with a betta in small tank. but you can always house with your betta a Golden Apple Snail.

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Multiple websites have informed me that it takes 2-4 weeks for apple snail eggs to hatch.

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It depends. To see if they have died, there are 2 factors. 1. The apple snail is completely out of its shell. 2. The apple snail isn't moving and it smells like rotten eggs.

Mystery snail (Pomacea Bridgesii) also called Apple snail are OK with the smaller fish but to put them in with large and aggressive cichlids like the Jack Dempsey (Cichlasoma octofasciatum) is begging to have them killed and eaten. The simple answer is no they are not compatible.

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Yes u can take ur apple snail out of the water. i have one and it comes out onto the lid and stays there for hours. i hope i helped!

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True Apple snails Pomacea canaliculata can reach a Dia. of 6"

Yes the do like apple because i have a pet snail and he will spend hours on his little cube of apple!

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