Is an igloo a house?


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An igloo is a house.

In the Inuit language, the word igloo means house, any kind of house. Other people take it to mean specifically a small dome-shaped house made of snow.


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Igloo is the house for Eskimos.

Buy an igloo first, then look into your inventory. Click the igloo icon, then choose the igloo you want.

Igloo means house, so they have their belongings in their house.

You get a house attomaticly if you join clubpenguin, but if you are a member follow these simple steps first, you have to be a member, second, you gotta have at least 5100 coins depending on which house you"ll buy), once you have this, go to your igloo, then click on the edit igloo icon (tape measurer) and then click on the igloo icon, there, you can choose any igloo you want

8 slugger his house rocks and you can tell he is rich because his igloo

You get an igloo on club penguin as soon as you make your club penguin account. But to customize your igloo you have to be a member.

From Canadian Inuit language for "house".

it won't let you to get to his house.

An igloo is a house made of ice and eskimos are the native people of Alaska (who were known to live in igloos)

If their igloo is open and their not u r friend click them and click the house button.

It is an Eskimo word meaning House or Dwelling

A house made out of earth or an igloo

You can't delete items from your igloo inventory. If you want to delete something that's in your igloo, drag it to the corner.

The igloo is a snow house made by the Inuit in Canada and Greenland.

From the Inuit language 'iglu' or 'idglu' meaning 'house'

You already have one but you can upgrade it with the catalog in your house.

You click on the igloo button in the toolbar.

igloo is a house that Inuits used during the winter.

bunglaw,cottage,igloo,tent,caravan,boathouse,multistoreyed buildings,stilthouse,wooden house

On Club Penguin, to buy an igloo you click the house button on the Blue Chatbar. If you are not a member, you may not buy an igloo. But, if you are, keep going. Click on the measuring tape. Then, click on the second catalog. If you have the money, scroll through the catalog to find the right one. When you are done, you have bought an igloo! I hoped this helped! -Lacygogreen

An igloo is for shelter

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