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the gun is worth about $200 in real good condition, so that being said it will be up to you, if you like the rifle it will be worth it , if not ,,send it to me lol

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Is an old Remington bolt action 22 caliber Model 550-1 with a broken stock worth fixing?

Sure, if you can find a stock reasonably. Check eBay.

Fixing broken motor mounts on a 95 Neon?

There is no fixing a broken motor mount. Replace them with a new ones.

Who is the patron saint of fixing broken things?

There is no patron saint of fixing things.

What are the jobs of Dr.?

fixing broken people

How do you fix a broken CD?

You can only replace it. Fixing a broken CD is not possible, YET

What are the risks of not fixing a broken computer screen?


What kind of doctor specializes in fixing broken bones?

An orthopedic surgeon (also known as an "orthopedist") specializes in fixing broken bones, as well as treating other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

What are some heuristics examples?

fixing a broken heart raising children

How can you repair a broken mp3 screen?

i need help fixing mine

What are the long term problems if a broken bone is not treated?

depend on where it is fixing

How do you fix a broken glue gun?

I fling them away, not worth fixing.

Fixing broken thermostat housing for 98 lods achieva?

replace it

What's the average cost of fixing a broken rotor in my car?

If you are wondering what is the average cost of fixing a broken rotor in your car because you want to save up to get it fixed, then you should go to Tom's Auto Repair.

Why do so many site administrators keep 'fixing' things that aren't broken and angering their users?

These site administrators are too many and they keep contradicting themselves in their ideas and want to compete among themselves hence they keep 'fixing' things that aren't broken and angering their users.

What is planned corrective maintenance?

"That board is broken. Let's fix it next week." It is maintenance (trying to maintain the condition of an article). It is corrective (fixing something already broken rather than replacing it before it breaks). It is planned (the action has been set for a specific future date).

Where did Steven A. Burd earn his reputation for fixing broken companies?

In 1982 Burd joined the industrial management consulting firm of Arthur D. Little in New York City, where he earned a reputation for fixing broken companies.

How do you fix a broken tension pulley on a 90 Chevrolet Beretta?

There is no fixing it. It must be replaced.

What are the release dates for Fixing Paco - 2012 I'm Broken So You Fix Me 1-4?

Fixing Paco - 2012 I'm Broken So You Fix Me 1-4 was released on: USA: 7 January 2013

Is fixed a describing word?

No, it is a verb. "I fixed the car" where fix is the action of fixing.

What are the different between repair and alteration?

Repair is fixing something that has broken, alteration is improving something.

Are there repair kits available to fix broken blinds?

Yes there are repair kits for fixing blinds

Cost to fix broken tailpipe?

The cost of fixing a tailpipe is based on where the new part is bought from, the brand of the part, and if an auto shop will be fixing it. The price can run $50- $150.

How much does it cost to fix a broken bone?

The cost of fixing a broken bone varies based on the bone that is broken. Bigger bones like the bones in the leg will cost well over 2,000 dollars.

How do you fix a motor mount on a 1995 gmc?

There is no fixing a broken motor mount. Replace them with a new ones.

Do handyman need a licenses to work in WV and VA?

grass cutting,fixing broken dodors etc