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Not necessarily. Many organic compounds are non-electrolytes, though some, including organic acids and their salts, are electrolytes.

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What does it take for a compound to be an electrolyte?

The compound must be able to dissociate in ions in water solution or when is molten.An electrolyte is a substance which contain free ions. An electrolyte compound should dissociate in aqueous medium. NaoH is a strong electrolyte.

How is an organic compound different from an organic compound?

Do you mean how is an organic compound different from an inorganic compound? If so, an organic compound has carbon, an inorganic compound does not need to have carbon.

Is electrolyte a metal?

No, An electrolyte is typically an ionic compound, and acid, or a base.

Is methane an electrolyte?

CH4 is a covalently bonded compound and is a non-electrolyte.

Is AlCl an electrolyte?

There is no compound with the formula AlCl. However, AlCl3 is an electrolyte,

What makes an organic compound organic?

if a compound is organic then it must have carbon in it because carbon is organic, so if the compound does not have carbon than it is not organic

Is KBr an organic compound?

no this is not an organic compound

Is hydrogen an organic compound?

No; for a compound to be organic is has to contain carbon No; for a compound to be organic is has to contain carbon

Is naphthalene a strong electrolyte?

Being a large organic molecule, napthalene is a weak electrolyte.

Is carbon disulphide a non electrolyte?

it is a covalent compound so it is a non-electrolyte.

Is yeast an organic compound?

Yeast is an organic compound.

Is adenine an organic compound or an inorganic compound?

it is organic

Is C8H18 an organic compound?

Yes it is organic compound

Is nitroglycerin an organic or an inorganic compound?

Organic compound

Is benzine an organic compound?

Yes, it is an organic compound.

Will water work as an organic compound?

No, it is not an organic compound.

Is alcohol an organic compound?

It is a organic compound.It has fulfilled needs be a organic compound.

Is electrolyte a inorganic compound?


Is an electrolyte an ionic compound?


Is KCl a organic compound?

An organic compound is a compound that includes carbon. KCl is not an organic compound, because it contains only potassium and chlorine.

Is cellulose an inorganic or organic compound?

Cellulose is an organic compound

Is vitamin C an organic or inorganic compound?

its an organic compound

Is meat organic compound monomers?

Meat is an organic compound.

Is HONH2 an organic compound?

No, an organic compound must have carbon.

Is benzoic acid an organic or inorganic compound?

It is an organic compound.