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no No. The person who is borrowing the car must also have insurance.

2006-07-18 21:08:33
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Can I be required to have insurance to drive somebody else's car?

You should never drive uninsured however if the car has coverage it may or may not exclude other drivers besides the owner. Look into that before you borrow it.

When leaseing a vehicle would your non-owned insurance coverage come into play on the leased vehicle?

depends on your definition of lease........if you rent a car to go on vacation for a week or so.....that is a ''temp replacement vehicle'' and would be covered.....non owned auto means, you have ins. on your vehicle you borrow mine that is uninsured for whatever reason, or just has liability but your vehicle has 'full coverage' you get in accident driving my uninsured vehicle.....(if no coverage on my vehicle now only)......then your policy will kick in.......a leased vehicle needs to have it's own policy just as if you purchased a new vehicle

If you borrow a motorcycle and have an accident are you covered on their insurance?

Only if you are a named driver on the policy.

If your 22 year old son has his own car and insurance and he wanted to borrow your car one day - would he be covered because he has his own car insurance or would you have to add him to yours?

your liability insureance should grant him coverage, but you need to check your insurance plan to be sure.

Can you get car insurance in case you borrow a car?

No. Car insurance is placed on a car, If you don't own one, you cannot get a policy. The person who owns the car you might borrow should have the extra insurance coverage for other drivers using his/her car.

When you borrow a motorcycle do you need a license and insurance?

ypu need a license, if the person who owns the bike has insurance make sure there is coverage for occasional driver before you borrow it, otherwise it could cost you a fortune if your are in an accident

Whose insurance company pays if you let your friend borrow your car and they hit a deer with it?

The insurance follows the vehicle so your own insurance company would be primary. However, if you don't carry the comprehensive coverage on your own policy and your friend has a vehicle with comprehensive coverage, his coverage would be secondary and pay for the damages.

Are you covered by a friends insurance if you borrow their car and get into an accident?

Yes, unless you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Do you have to have insurance if you have a drivers license but do not own vehicle?

In most situations, the insurance follows the vehicle, therefore, if you don't have a vehicle you would not have a need to have insurance. You still have the responsibility to make sure that any vehicle that you do drive is insured. If you borrow someone's car and drive it, you have the care, custody, and control of the vehicle and you are legally responsible to make sure it has the legally required coverage. If you drive an uninsured vehicle, you will be ticketed.

What happens if you let a friend borrow your car that is uninsured but the friend has non-owners insurance and he gets into an accident that wasn't his fault?

almost all states require liability insurance. the fact that the friend had 'non owner' does not mean that it was ok to drive an uninsured vehicle. the law requires the vehicles, not the drivers, to be insured.

If you borrow a friend's car with permission are you covered under their auto insurance?

Generally barring any exclusion in the policy.

In a vehicle accident with property damage whose insurance is responsible the driver's or the owner's?

The registered owner is only required to furnish liability insurance. If the owner does not have sufficient coverage (liability, comprehensive or collision), then the driver's policy would invoke as secondary coverage. It's not nice to borrow someones vehicle, wreck it and then claim ""not my responsibility". after all, you did borrow the vehicle.

If you have full coverage insurance and let a minor borrow your car will they still be covered?

If you have a minor driving your vehicle without having them listed on your insurance policy, then the insurance company will most likely deny any and all coverage if they should ever have an accident in the vehicle. You are not paying for insurance for them to drive the vehicle, so why should you expect them to pay the claim? You policy states that you agree to notify the company of all drivers and by not doing that you have committed material misrepresentation which means you broke the contract. If you broke the contract they are not liable to keep their part of the contract.

Can you borrow your parent's car without being a named driver on their insurance policy?

Yes, you can borrow your parents' car without being a named driver on their insurance policy. Depending on the type of policy and its actual rules, you might or might not be covered in case of an accident.

Who is liable if you have an accident and you have no insurance but the owner of the car you borrow has insurance?

Well in 2 different states that I have lived and worked in the insurance follows the vehicle not the person. If someone is letting you borrow there vehicle then they are accepting responsibility for your actions, therefore the accident would be covered on there policy. Of course I would check with state laws to make sure.

Can a uninsured driver borrow someone's car which is insured and be covered on that policy if you also get the owners permission?

This can depend on how the owners policy is written and the state laws. Some policies will not cover anyone that is borrowing a car even with permission.

Can you borrow from your insurance policy?

Borrow - No. You cannot borrow directly from your insurance policy. But, you can borrow with your insurance policy as "collateral". Only certain types of insurance policies where there will be a guaranteed payout at maturity will be eligible for loans. Simple pure term policies that pay nothing if you outlive the policy period will not be eligible for these type of loans.

What is the law when you let a friend borrow a car and the car is damaged internally severally and in my opinion vandalised?

depending on your insurance: if your insurance says that if you give permission to others to drive your car then its covered by your personal insurance. However, the catch is that its half of your insurance paying for it: and half of theirs

If i have a driver's license and i don't have car insurance can i borrow my friends car?

Yes you can borrow it, but if he doesn't have insurance then you could be breaking the law.

What is the purpose of 1 day insurance?

If one needs to borrow a vehicle from a friend or family member for a special occasion or purpose, it is a good idea to obtain one day car insurance. One day car insurance provides coverage for the vehicle and protects against liability.

Can you borrow money form your term life insurance?

No. Term life insurance has no "surrender value", so is no good as collateral. The insurance that you might be able to borrow against is "whole life".

Who is liable if you borrow someone's car get into an accident and neither one has no car insurance?

Assuming that the driver of the borrowed car was at fault, both the owner and driver can be held liable. The injured party will probably sue both. Whenever you borrow someone's car, ALWAYS demand proof of liability insurance before taking the keys because if this happens not only can you be sued but you might loose driving privledges until the injured party has been compensated in full, unless the person you hit had UNINSURED MOTORIST coverage in which case you'd definitely be off the hook but your friend's car would be siezed and auctioned by police for sure.

Can you get auto insurance with out having a car?

Even if you do not own a car, you still need insurance protection if you drive one. The auto you borrow, rent, or use may have proper insurance coverage, but you also should protect yourself with personal liability protection. Here is how to get it: Ask for the cost of higher liability coverage based on the assets you own and your projections of future income to be protected. For your protection, consider purchasing as much liability insurance coverage as you can afford Ask the insurance company or agent about your state's minimum liability coverage rules. States differ in the minimum liability insurance coverage they require. Analyze your assets, including home, furniture, art, clothing, computer, electronics, and all other personal assets. Get quotes for liability insurance only. Estimate your future income. This is important because, like life insurance, you want to protect your future income as much as possible. This calculation often results in a larger amount than all of your personal assets. I wish you the best

Does the car insurance covers a relative-visitor who wants to borrow a car for few days?

Does the car insurance covers a relative-visitor who wants to borrow a car for a few days?

Who is responsible if you borrow a car and insure it under your name but you let the insurance lapse?

Firstly, you cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own. Secondly, with the insurance lapsed there is no coverage anyway. I would expect that the other party who you hit will sue both the owner and the driver of the vehicle as both have a degree of liability.