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Is animal behavior affected by population density?


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i do not think so because most animals are, and behave awfully like humans and because of the simple fact that humans behaviour doesnt change i doubt an animals would


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There are a couple of animal populations that were not affected by an increase is the krill population. Cobras were not affected.

Behavior is all the extremly observable activities to an animal "extremally observable. Refers to the action of an animal, not to its thoughta or feelings which are internal to the animal.

An animal behaviour is affected by the surronding enviroment, whether it was Abiotic (non-living things) or Biotic (living things)

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An example of animal behavior would be barking, growling, hissing, squaking. Animal behavior means something animals do.

When an animal is reinforced for displaying a certain behavior, the animal is likely to repeat that behavior.

Instinct- a behavior that the animal already knows Learned Behavior-something that the animal has to learn:)

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Animal Behavior Society was created in 1964.

Animal life is negatively affected by deforestation.

In some cases it had improved their viability in others it has been detrimental.

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The scientific study of animal behavior is called ethology.

One can learn more about animal behavior in several ways. One can talk to a zoologist or an animal biologist at their local university/college. One can also research it through reading books written on the subject of animal behavior or by browsing websites that are written by animal behavior specialists (such as the Animal Behavior Journal)

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i don't quit understand what you mean but if you are wondering if animal behavior college is available for vets that the answer is yes animal behavior college is available for vets

Type your answer here... how animal life is also affected by deforestation?

The density of animal fat does not have an average or standard amount. It varies depending on both the animal and the amount of fat that is measured.

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No. The animals that are used in animals testing are those of which are not endangered and are in large abundance. Ex: rats, mice, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc...

Diurnal, in reference to animal behavior, means the animal is mainly active during the day. A nocturnal animal is active during the night.

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