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  1. Animal Jam
  2. Animal Jam
  3. Animal Jam
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Animal jam is a good game

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Q: Is animal jam better than moshi monsters?
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What is better than Moshi Monsters?

Nothing is better than moshi monsters! Moshi monsters is the best gaming website for kids. If you are a fan of club penguin,panfu etc. They are all good but not better than moshi monsters! binweevils is better than moshi monsters and movie star planet is to but binweevils is deffo better

Is binweevils better than Moshi Monsters?

yes it is moshi monsters is well boring

Is there anything better than Moshi Monsters?


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It HAS to be swiffy3729!!

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Is club pengrun better than moshi monsters?


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of course not binweevils is well better

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club penguin is better than moshi monsters

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This is a matter of opinion. Contributors have said: Binweevils is better! Binweevils is better than Moshi Monsters because: 1. you can chat with Weevils any where but on Moshi Monsters you can only send messages 2. you can do a lot more when you are a member on Binweevils but on Moshi Monsters there is hardly anything else you can do

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that depends on what you like. Binweevils you can explore and play more multiplayer games than moshi monsters, but on moshi monsters you can take care of a pet but other than that they are pretty much the same :) bu i prefer moshi monsters :)

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nannyiris. shes 58

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pixie holllow

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