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Is another Holocaust possible?


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It would be almost impossible for another atempt to whip out an entire race with out any country stepping in for assistance. Sure in Africa there are thousands of innocent people that die year but not to a scale such as the Holocaust.


The above answer is ... far too optimistic. In 1994 in Rwanda, Hutu militias slaughtered 800,000 Tutsis for ethnic (racial) reasons. There were no gas chambers or anything as sophisticated as that - it was mainly done with machetes. As for the scale, the 800,000 were killed within 3 months in a frenzy of murder. That is on a par with the rate at which the Nazis committed genocide.

As in the case of the Holocaust, the rest of the world just didn't want to know - until it was over.

Yes another holocaust is possible


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The middle east will be the theatre of a world war. depending on who wins. If the Arab's win a holocaust is possible again in Israel.

the decision was that the best thing that they could do was to end the war as quickly as possible, thus end the Holocaust as quickly as possible.

its a question people are thinking about there are a lot of anti semites out there my opinion no there will not be anothere holocaust

God, I hope not. but nobady knows for sure

No, there is only one Holocaust. There are many persecutions going on, but calling them Holocaust denigrates the name Holocaust. Holocaust is not a name to be used loosely, it refers to that specific wipeout of Jews.

another term for the Holocaust

Over 3000 Protestants died in the Holocaust. 5 to 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. However, this is an estimate as it is possible that more may have died.

The problem is whether the perpetrators are willing to recognize another holocaust as it is forming and occurring. For example, many people point out that the 50 million abortions (just in the U.S.) qualifies as another holocaust. But the perceived benefit (casual sex without responsibility) is so seductive and addictive that the perpetrators would not seriously consider its status as a holocaust.

Learning about the Holocaust does not help anyone see things from another perspective. Either people have the ability or they do not.

I don't think that the Holocaust actually "stands for" anything. It provides an illutration of certain things, but that is another matter.

There is still a chance that something like the holocaust can happen as long as people are on earth.

1 religion not liking another religion.

The Allies knew that they could do little to directly affect the Holocaust, all that they could do was to win the war against Germany and her allies as quickly as possible to halt the Holocaust.

The Nazis were a very big enemy to holocaust victims. Another one was Adolf Hitler. He was the head of the Nazi party.

perpetrator, like Hitler he did not actually kill anyone himself, but he helped create the environment that made the Holocaust possible.

The Holocaust was the attempted extermination of Europe's Jews. At the same time there was an effort to kill as many Gypsies as possible. There were many more victims of the Nazis, but they were not persecuted like those in the Holocaust.

the one that was used was to win the war, therefore stopping the Holocaust. Another was to buy the Jews fgrom the Nazis, or to barter for them.

Lean from the history of the last one and be vigilant.

the one with another country's forces in it.

In effect the US did stop the Holocaust. By aiding the Allied victory, in defeating Germany, the Holocaust was stopped. If the US could have stopped it sooner, it is possible that they could have, but at great cost.

Other than Adolf Hitler, Another leader involved in the Holocaust was a man named Himmler

A social cause of the Holocaust was that the Jews were considered the scapegoat of things that happened negatively. Another cause was from the social and economic crises.

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