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Usually "internal leakage" is caused by overheating the engine (low coolant, bad thermostat, broken hoses) and continuing to drive the engine. The head(s) warp, causing the gasket to fail, or the heads or block can crack if it gets hot enough. After that, the engine will have internal leaking and there isn't anything you can do about it short of a rebuild.

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Q: Is any bodys 2000 Suburban 5.3 liter engine had internal leakage and overheated and had to replace engine with less then 96000 miles on engine?
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When do you need to replace a head gasket?

When it was damaged. If you don't have coolant leakage, but the level collant drops down it means you have internal leakage of coolant. You must replace the head gasket of course if want to drive your car. van over heats

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Will your car fix itself after overheating?

Usually it doesn't work like that. You basically need to check why it has been overheated. If it was because of you didn't have enough of coolant than you need to add coolant and check for leakage. If it happened because of the thermostat failure, you need to replace the thermostat and then drive the car. Other things might cause overheating too. PS: You have to be careful when you are dealing with an overheated engine.

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