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Is anyone having a problem with the SRS light coming on and the dealership unable to fix it?


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2008-06-04 19:06:45
2008-06-04 19:06:45

Yes, this has been a long drawn out fight with multiple year'd Accords. The dealership does not want to acknowledge a recall or cover any repair costs. It's been complained to the gills my a huge amount of owners and the SRS (or Safety Restraint System) is said to have been triggered by anything from cell phone/ laptop frequency conflict to the wheel alllignments done on these vehicles---the certified mechanics will shortcut the allignment job and to straighten (allign) the steering wheel is disconnected and refastened @ 12:oo ---but in doing so sets off the SRS fault airbag sensor. Theres' actually no easy way to reset this but it does not require new installation of the airbag system. What I know about is that it is a hard error code and can only be successfully cleared w/ the proper diagnostic device from a dealer mechanic.....or hopefully someone that knows one on the side that could help us all on a lower cost side job.


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