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Is anything wrong if you get white discharge before every period?

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White discharge is your body's way of cleaning itself (which is why products like douches are unnecessary). If the discharge is a thick consistency, lumpy or has an odor, it could be a sign of something more serious and you should contact a medical professional. ~ T

2005-12-21 19:05:19
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Do you suppose to have whitish vaginal discharge 5 days before your period?

You are supposed to have discharge every day.

Is our vagina will wet with white discharge or dry few days before we have our period.?

Your Vagina can be wet or dry before your period. Different in every woman.

Can a girl have heavey vaginal discharge instead of a period every month?

No it does come before and after though

How long is it before you have period after you find the white stuff in your nickers?

This is different for every woman, the 'white stuff' is called discharge and helps keep your vigina clean and healthy, you may be starting your period soon after this discharge begins.

Does every girl get discharge before their first period?

Yes, all girls will get vaginal discharge before they start menstruating.Discharge starts as you enter puberty, it's there to keep the vagina clean and healthy so it starts before you start to ovulate in order to ensure it's healthy to ovulate. Menarche (first period) normally starts within four years of starting to get discharge, and discharge changes leading up to menstruation.

Do you still have discharged before every time you start your period?

yes you do, also it is normal for girls to have discharge t means your body is cleaning itself out

If you have brown discharge every time a week before your period and this time you period is late with tingling niples breast so sore you don't want to touc them but still have cramps could you be pre?

If you are still having a period, you are not pregnant.

What is the white stuff that comes out of vaginas?

Its called discharge. Every month, a girl has a menstrual cycle and this discharge often happens when you have your period. Its completely normal.

Is it normal for your first period to be white?

The white, liquid,clearish thing that comes out from your vagina is not a period. It's called a discharge and you get it when your close to your period,sexually active, or just cleaning your body. It is normal to get it and it is also normal to get it every single day! I got my period like 2 months after I got my discharge. but when my period was coming, the discharge was thick, and was coming out than before. If your period is coming soon and your at school, you better bring pads (or any other period materials) into your backpack or your locker so when you get it, you can just put it on. Hope this helped!-Webcasey

Why do you have white stuff coming out of your vaginal area?

This is called discharge. EVERY FEMALE HAS IT! It comes before you get your period for the first time and is simply a sign of ovulation and the menstual cycle. ~GFiZZLE

What is the white stuff that comes out of the vagina?

It is vaginal discharge. All women and teenage girls going through puberty experience some kind of discharge. It is the way your body cleans itself to prevent infections of the vaginal cavity. Normal discharge colors are clear or off white. If you experience yellow or chunky discharge with a foul smell contact your doctor immediately ! It could be a sign of infection. Discharge amount , color, and thickness vary daily. The closer you are to your period the thicker it will be.Discharge is completely normal. It happens to every woman before you start your period and you'll have it until you hit menopause.It's called discharge.its called discharge......that means your period is coming soon.

Is there a possiblity that you could be pregnant if you had your period about a week ago but now you are having a clear discharge from your vagina and you are feeling nausea?

No - you probably are not pregnant. If you had your period then you are not pregnant. There are many other things to cause discharge and nausea. Clear discharge from the Vagina is very normal & isn't a pregnancy symptoms. Every day your Vagina will release discharge but sometimes you may notice more discharge than before after or prior to your period or around ovulation time. If you're feeling sick & suspect pregnancy, then see your doctor for a quantitative beta hcg pregnancy blood test.

You had discharge and stomach pains are you pregnant?

I'm not but that doesn't mean anything every women has different symptoms. I'm not but that doesn't mean anything every women has different symptoms.

Could I be pregnant if I have brown stringy discharge at the time of ovulation?

I had my period then 2 weeks later i had a sringy discharge brown in colour for 1 day but when i wiped their was no sighn of anything on toilet paper. Could i be pregnant even though i had my period 2 weeks ago. Im also getting abdominal pain every day. What is happening?

How come every time you have your period there is more discharge then blood?

Some mucus will come out with the blood. It is regular.

What is the white creamy stuff you get on your undies could that be that your pregnant?

No its called discharge, you normally get it before you start your period. Every girl that i know of gets it. It's perfectly normal and it doesn't mean your pregnant.

What happens when your nolonger on your period but you have brown discharge and a bad odor and you shower every day?

It doesn't matter if you shower every day... Your discharge should never smell you should go to the doctor to see what might be wrong

How do you know when im going to get your first period?

Well some girls have signs before their period and before their first period. Every girl is different and some don't have signs but having signs means that your period is coming. ~Cramps ~Vaginal discharge ~Spotting (little bit of blood on your underwear) ~Headaches ~Backache ~Food Cravings ~Mood swings ~Fatigue ~Nausea

What does it mean when you always have discharge?

It doesn't mean anything, most women or teenagers from aged 11 have discharge usually every day. It is perfectly normal to have discharge. But if it is concerning you or your discharge is really yellow and thick, you should see your doctor. hope this helped:)

What does it mean if your period is late but you feel like your on it but all it's just clear white liquid?

don't worry all it is is discharge every women has it when there not on there period

Is a milky white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

A vaginal discharge which looks like egg-whites is ovulation discharge. Prior to your period or after your period it is very common and normal to experience a white vaginal discharge that is not pregnancy related. It is your vagina keeping itself fresh and clean and preventing bacteria from causing a infection. But during pregnancy, a increase in vaginal discharge does occur and it continues to increase every few days.

Can the white stuff that comes out from your vaginia mean your pregnant?

No. It's simply discharge. Every girl gets it once in their life; they get it before their periods, in fact. (I'm no doctor, so this stuff might not be true, this is what I've heard/experienced myself) If you've had sex and you have got your period already, I don't know. If you DID get your period, you'll know if you're pregnant when you don't get your period for a month, unless you're irregular, it's hard to tell then. If you're irregular, you can maybe tell if you crave sweets and barf a lot. If you HAVEN'T gotten your period yet, then, well, it's most likely your discharge (wear a pantyliner to take care of it) because every girl, like I said, gets discharge a few months (maybe even years) before their period.

Why am you getting lots of discharge after ovulation when it is supposed to dry up?

You may experience discharge a day or two before ovulation, then three days discharge which is the ovulation discharge itself, followed by another day or two of discharge. Its different in every woman. If your discharge is off coloured, smelly or your itchy then you may have thrust.

How long does it take to get your period after discharge?

Actually I think it all depends on the person. I think that every woman is different and their cycles are different as well. Some women have discharge before their periods and some women have discharge after. I even know of a few people that don't have either. lol They just have it randomly throughout the month. I hope I could be of help to you by answering your question to the best of my knowledge.

Why do you get yeast infections before your periods?

Because your hormones are changing, which affects the pH balance in your vagina. It can also happen because some women have discharge before they have their period every month, so the moisture becomes a perfect place for the yeast to grow. Many women get yeast infections before their period, but some women never get them at all. It just depends on your body.