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Apple is a profitable company. They usually make between 1 and 1.5 billion Dollars profit every quarter.

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2009-10-12 19:55:24
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Q: Is apple a nonprofit company or profit?
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Is the electric company profit or nonprofit?

Some are for profit and others are government agencies (not for profit).

Is macdonalds a for-profit or Non-Profit or Not-for-profit organization?

McDonald's is a for profit company. It is not a nonprofit or a not for profit, which are synonyms.

Is the institute for defense and government advancement idga a profit or nonprofit company?

For profit.

What is nonprofit stock?

There is no such thing as non profit stock. Stock implies ownership in a for profit company.

Would Coca-Cola company be a profit or a nonprofit?

The Coca-Cola company would be a for-profit. non-profit organizations are really only for foundations.

Would the electric company be a nonprofit or a profit organization?

Electric company is a profit organization now a days the share of electric companies increases very rapidly. Only Cooperative socities are nonprofit organizations.

Would the electric company b most likely be a profit or nonprofit corporation?

The electric company would have to be a for profit company, they provide a service at a marked up price, making them for profit.

Would the electrical company be a nonprofit or profit corporation?

The electrical company is a profit corporation. Such a company will provide electrical services which may be difficult without a profit factor so it is almost impossible to have non-profit electrical company.

What is the difference between for profit and non profit stakeholders?

Profit stakeholders have a financial interest in the company doing well, such as a vendor. A nonprofit stakeholder simply wants the company to do well, such as the community in which the company resides.

I'd like to find employment with a nonprofit company. Will these job opportunities generally pay?

Most nonprofit companies have paid positions. The nonprofit part refers to the company not making a profit beyond what it takes to run things.

Is Black and Decker a nonprofit or profit?

for profit.

Is Wendy's a nonprofit company?

Nope. They are in business (like most companies) to make a profit. In 2015, they made a profit of $274.5 million.

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