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Pure argon gas is a homogeneous substance.

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Is argon a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous?

First of all Argon is not a mixture , it is an elementArgon is colorless odorless, and tasteless.

What elements make up argon?

Argon is a noble gas. Argon gas is only composed of argon

Is argon gas?

Yes, argon is a noble gas.

What type of gas is argon?

Argon is a monoatomic noble gas

Is argon a gas liquid or synthetic?

Argon is a gas. It is not synthetic.

What is inert argon gas?

All argon gas is inert.

What instrument measures the purity of Argon gas?

An argon gas analyzer measures the purity of Argon gas. The analyzer can be used to determine the actual content of Argon gas in a specific sample.

Is argon a liquid gas or solid?

At normal temperature and pressure it is a gas.

Is Mercury argon Gas poisonous?

Mercury argon gas does not exist.

Is argon a coloured gas?

No. Argon is a colourless odourless noble gas.

Is argon gas a heterogenous mixture?

No. Argon gas is a pure substance. It is a noble gas element

What is the color of argon?

Argon is a colorless gas.

Argon does it have an appearance?

Argon is a colorless gas.

Does argon have a odor?

Argon is an odourless gas.

Is argon Triatomic?

No. Argon is a monatomic gas.

Is argon noxious?

Argon is not a toxic gas.

Is argon gas a compound?

no, argon is an element.

Is argon a gas in dry air?

Yes Argon is a gas in dry air

What type of bond does argon gas have?

None whatsoever. Argon is a monatomic gas.

Is a argon a solid liquid or gas?

Under standard conditions, argon is a gas.

Is argon gas a pure substance or a mixture?

Argon is a pure gas, and an element.

What other examples of gases are considered a homogeneous mixture?

Where Air is one Composed of Nitrogen gas, Oxygen and argon gas Another is Carbon Monoxide Composed of Carbon Dioxide, oxygen and tar

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