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Yes, Ashley Tisdale played Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical series.

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What is sharpay from hsm real name?

Ashley Tisdale

Has Ashley Tisdale been to England?

yes,Ashley Tisdale been to England.When The HSM [first] release.With all of the Crew.

Is Ashley Tisdale physically blonde?

Ashley Tisdale is not Blonde she just dyed it for HSM but she has brown hair. Which I think brown is nicer on her.

When did Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens become best friends?

When they did HSM..:)

What is sharpays name in hsm?

her name is Ashley tisdale x shazx

Is Ashley Tisdale still on tour?

no, she never did a big tour. Just for HSM

Will Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale kiss in hsm 3?

No they dont Sorry

Will Ashley Tisdale star in HSM 4?

yes, if there is ever gonna be one but not Gabriella

How was Ashley Tisdale put in the movie HSM?

Ashley wasn't put in HSM. She auditioned for the part of Gabriella Montez, but then they asked her to audition for the role of Sharpay Evans and she got that part.

Who is the girl in the boys like girls love drunk music video?

Ashley tisdale from HSM

What is the name of the star in HSM?

Zac Efron-- Troy Vannesa Hugens-- Gabriella Ashley Tisdale-- Sharpay

Was ashely Tisdale with Zac Efron?

Ashley tisdale was dating zac efron in the audition stage of hsm however they split up shortly after zac efron was 'punked' by Ashton kutcher and Ashley tisdale. They are now best of friends, but he is engaged to vannessa hudgens.

Have Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale look each other in the eyes?

yes alot on the hsm2 DVD release and on other things before hsm and in hsm were they always togehter

Who are the stars of HSM?

Vanessa Hudgens - Gabriella Montez Zac Efron - Troy Bolton Ashley Tisdale - Sharpay evans

Does Ashley Tisdale come to England much?

not realy but she comes for hsm n hsm2 so maybe for hsm3 she will and for her album

Who is Ashley Tisdale going out with now?

she is still dating hsm 1 and 2 back up dancer Jared murillo

Did Ashley really sing in High school musical?

Yes Ashley Tisdale did sing in HSM & HSM2. What I've been looking for Bop to the Top You are the music in me Fabulous

What is Ashley Tisdale's baby's name?

Ashley Tisdale's baby's name is macanzie. I like that name. and i talked to Ashley tisdale and she said she is dating Jared the back up dancer in hsm after the movie.

Who is older Ashley Tisdale or Jennifer Tisdale?

Ashley Tisdale is 24 Jennifer Tisdale is 27 Jennifer Tisdale is older than Ashley Tisdale

Are Zac Efron meet Ashley Tisdale?

G'Morning man!Yes,of course they met when they were a little child:)They filmed HSM,2,3.:)

Is Sharpay's hair a wig?

no its real Additional: The actress, Ashley Tisdale, seems to have the exact same hair outside of HSM. So, no.

Does Ashley Tisdale like High School Musical Better or Picture this?

PICTURE THIS Some of these hsm fans don't even what this movie even is.

How many shows has Ashley Tisdale been in?

She has been in 2 movies Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure and HSM and 1 show which is Zach and Cody.

Does sharpay likes Zac Efron?

Are you reffering to the movie or reality. If reality, you mean Ashley Tisdale. In HSM, Sharpay is interested in Troy. In reality, Ashley and Zac's personal life is not publisized.

Does Ashley Tisdale have cancer?

No Ashley Tisdale Does Not Have Cancer

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