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Is asking a Hindu girl to convert to Islam against humanity if she wants to marry a Muslim boy?


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No it isn't. However no one should convert to a religion just for the sake of marrying someone. It somehow makes the belief of the converted seem less sincere then if they decided to convert because they genuinely believed in the truth.

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No, it is not against humanity. The rule is in the Quran sayings (Meaning English translation):
  • "There is no compulsion in religion..."

[Holy Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 256)

The verse above rules out any compulsion regarding selection of ones faith. Islam cannot and should not be forced upon unwilling people. In fact, you can not convert to Islam if your purpose of conversion was not to worship Allah, it will not be accepted nor rewarded by Allah (God). Non Muslims have a right to follow the religion of their choice. However once you are a Muslim, you must follow the directives of Allah and His prophet Mohamed (peace upon him). Once you are a Muslim you have to follow the guidance of the holy Quran and the teachings of the prophet Mohamed (peace upon him).

In Islam, it is not allowed for a Hindu girl to get married with a Muslim man. She should convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man. However, she should be first convinced in Islam religion and should be having strong belief in the oneness of God (ALLAH) and belief in his prophets, angels, holy books, day of judgment, and destiny.

Quran says (Meaning English translation):

"Do not marry women of the idolaters until they believe. A slave girl from the believers is better for you than a woman from the idolaters even though she may attract you. And don't give your women in marriage to men from the idol worshipers until they believe. A slave from among the believers is better for you than a man from the idol worshipers even though he may attract you. They (the polytheists) call you to the Hell whereas Allah (God) calls you to His Paradise and His mercy.---...."

[Holy Quran, chapter 2, verse 221]

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