Is aspergers on the autism spectrum?

Yes, Asperger Syndrome is on the autism spectrum.

The only real difference between Asperger Syndrome and Autism is that those who were diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome had no developmental delays in childhood. In adulthood an Autistic person and a person with an Asperger Syndrome cannot be distinguished, and Asperger Syndrome was merged with Autism because it was not enough of a difference to consider it a separate condition - especially considering everyone develops at different rates. Often Asperger Syndrome is a diagnosis given to avoid the stigma of Autism, it's a redundant term.

This question is very hard to answer because some people believe that it is, and some people believe that it isn't. So much remains to be found out about it that this is a hard topic to be able to delve into.


It might be. If there be a spectrum, like the electromagnetic spectrum, from neurotypical to severely autistic, then Asperger may be somewhere in the middle. It should be, perhaps, at the lower end of the autistic side of things ('High Functioning', mild, autism), on the boundary between autism-like conditions and near-autistic neurotypical. A 'diagram' may help.

Neurotypical = = Near-Autistic Neurotypical = = Asperger's Syndrome = = 'Severe' (very socially limited, more speech-limited) Asperger's = = Autism = = 'Severe' (extremely speech-limited) Autism