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Is aspirin a form of birth control?

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Yes, you give the women the aspirin tablet and tell her to put it between her knees and squeeze. Get it? That's the only way I know aspirin can serve as a Birth Control method.

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Does the birth control pill have aspirin?

There is no aspirin contained in birth control pills on the US market.

Does aspirin affect the birth control pill?

Asprin doesn't affect birth control.

Is birth control a form of contraception?

Birth control pills are a form of contraception. The phrase "birth control" means the same thing as "contraception."

What is the least effective form of birth control?

Probably praying is the least effective form of birth control.

What is the most popular form of birth control?

In the US, sterilization is the most popular form of birth control.

What form of birth control does not interfere with fertilization but does inhibit inplantation?

This form of birth control does not interfer with fertilization but does inhibit inplantation

Does any form of birth control always work?

No form of birth control (except not having sex) is 100% effective

Can Tylenol be use as birth control?

Absolutely NOT!!!! Tylenol is like an aspirin you use for headaches, aches and pains.

Do birth control pills have the number 81 on them?

If that pill is round and white and the 81 is off red then it is an aspirin.

Does aspirin stop your menstual period?

No, aspirin is a blood thinner and won't effect a menstrual cycle. Only hormone pills such as birth control can stop a menstrual cycle.

Is an IUD considered a form of birth control?

yes it is one of the many forms of birth control.

What is the healthiest form of birth control?


What is the least common form of birth control?

The Depo Shot! It is the worst form of Birth Control. It Causes you to gain weight, have mood swings and HEAAVY HEAVY periods if you are to quit taking this shot and swtich to another form of Birth Control. I Highley Recomend The Pill.

What do you need to do to get pregnant and you are on birth control?

If you wanna get pregnant, just stop using any form of birth control.

What is the singular form of aspirin?

The singular form of "aspirin" is "aspirin." It's one of those words where the singular and plural are the same!

What was the first form of birth control?

the first form was either in a shot or a pill back in the 1960's. The first form of birth control was the rhythm method. This is the method prefered by the Catholic Church.

What is the most used form of birth control?


Why human use condoms?

As a form of birth control.

Is sleeping in separate beds a form of birth control?


What's the best form of birth control?

The best form of birth control is different for every couple. Talk with your health care provider about options that are appropriate for your situation.

What would be a good birth control?

a combination of the birth control pill and condoms would be the best form following abstinance

Deos excedrin have a interaction with implanon birth control?

No, Excedrine is aspirin and caffeine and neither is thought to cause an interaction with hormonal BC.

How safe is pull out when not on birth control?

The 'Pull-out Method' is not a good form of birth control.You are at risk of becoming pregnant if you continue to use (that method) of birth control.Condoms are the best option that we have.

Do Amish use birth control?

Most Amish will not use any form of birth control. Others will use the rhythm method.

Does birth control kill babies?

No. Birth control prevents an egg and a sperm from getting together to form a baby or a fertilized egg from becoming implanted. With birth control a baby never exists.

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