Is associate in applied arts the same asassociate of arts degree?

==Answers== Whenever so see the word "Applied" within a degree title, you know there is going to be a difference. The "Applied" degrees are what we call "Career Oriented," meaning they very particular to the field, and usually designed in such a way as to give the student much of the basics for entry level positions within that field. While this may be good for individuals who have an urgency to get out into the work force quickly, it may or may not be good in terms of transfer to a four year institution. Still, there are some applied degrees that are fully transferable especially when the community college has special articulations with other four year colleges and universities. An individual who may be interested in an "Applied" degree should contact the Transfer Counselor at the school they are attending for more insight into the pros and cons of such a degree. One of the differences between an Arts, Science, and Applied Science/Arts degree is the amount of general education requirements needed to complete the degree for graduation purposes. The Arts degree is really meant for transfer to a four year institution where the student has the opportunity to complete a Bachelor's degree. Therefore, much of the course work is designed to fulfill the general education cluster (first two years of study) of the four year institution with some courses that will serve as prerequisites for the higher level courses within the Junior and Senior years. The Associates in Science will have less general educational requirements, and the Applied area even less. Viper1