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Astatine is a solid nonmetal at room temperature.


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Astatine is a solid at room temperature.

At room temperature astatine is a solid nonmetal.

at 100oC fluorine, chlorine and bromine are gas. iodine and astatine are solid

General classes of colloids are: gas in liquid, gas in solid, liquid in gas, liquid in liquid, liquid in solid, solid in gas, solid in liquid, solid in solid.

when you add a solide and a liquid its more likely to become a gas if you leave it out for a while because is equivulent to solid liquid the + is a problem that = gas

These nine types of solution are solid to solid solid to liquid solid to gas liquid to solid liquid to liquid liquid to gas gas to solid gas to liquid gas to gas

solid ==> liquid solid ==> gas liquid ==> solid liquid ==> gas gas ==> solid gas ==> liquid

it is a SOLID,chemical element with the symbol At and atomic number 85. This radioactive element occurs naturally from uranium-235 and uranium-238 decay. It is the heaviest of the halogens.At room temperature astatine is a solid halogen, nonmetal.

from liquid to solid, from gas to liquid, from solid to liquid, from solid to gas, from liquid to gas, from gas to plasma, etc.

Solid to Gas ~ Sublimation Solid to Liquid ~ Fusion Liquid to Solid ~ Solidification Liquid to Gas ~ Evaporation Gas to Solid ~ Solid Condensation Gas to Liquid ~ Liquid Condensation

Astatine is an unstable solid at room temperature.

Yes. The solvent and solute in a solution can be solid, liquid or gas. You can have: A gas dissolved in a gas (air). A gas dissolved in a solid (hydrogen in metal). A solid in a solid (alloys). or ones containing liquid: gas in liquid liquid in liquid solid in liquid liquid in solid

evaporation solid to liquid - melting liquid to gas - evaporation gas to liquid - condensation liquid to solid - freezing solid to gas and gas to solid - sublimation

Mixing of a solid liquid or gas with a liquid or something a gas or solid? is a solution

ANSWER:- There are nine types of solution:- (1). Gas of Gas. (2).Gas of Liquid. (3).Gas of Solid. (4).Liquid of Gas. (5).Liquid of Liquid. (6).Liquid of Solid. (7).Solid of Solid. (8).Solid of Liquid. (9).Solid of Gas.

A deposition is a change of state ether from a gas to a solid, liquid to solid, solid to gas, solid to liquid, liquid to gas or gas to liquid.

Solid to liquid: melting Liquid to solid: freezingLiquid to gas: vaporization Gas to liquid: condensation

liquid in liquid, gas in liquid, liquid in solid, gas in gas, gas in solid, solid in solid, solid in liquid

It is not a solid, liquid or gas.

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