Is austria Hungary the same as austria?

First it was Hungary under Habsburg rule from the 16th century. Later, there was a Hungarian Revolution in March, 1848, and a War of Independence against the Habsburg rule in 1848-49. It was unsuccessful. The absolutism and the oppresion became even stronger. When the Habsburgs suffered some military failures and financial problems in the middle of the 19th century, in addition the threat of a strong united Germany and Italy became stronger (violiting the Habsburg dominance in Eastern Europe), they were forced to make a compromise with the Hungarians (the Magyars) in 1867. From 1867 to 1918 it was called Austria-Hungary It was a dual country with a common monarch, with common foreign, defense and finance ministers, but otherwise with separate capital citie, separate parliaments. After the First World War, in the Treaty of Versailles (1918-19)Austria-Hungary (or Austro-Hungarian Empire) dissolved.