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Is avian influenza contagious?


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Avian Flu is not contagious. Swine Flu is.

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Avian influenza is also known as the "Bird Flu". Influenza is caused by viruses. The virus that causes avian flu is the H5N1 influenza virus.

Avian Influenza, H5N1 or Avian Influenza, H7N9.

No. Influenza viruses, including avian "bird" flu have no cells at all.

'Avian Influenza' is not the scientific name, the scientific name is actually Orthomyxoviridae, Influenza Type A, subtype H5N1. The common names are: Avian Influenza, bird flu, and fowl plague.

Kingdom Animalia Avian comes from the word 'Aves ' which means 'bird, so avian influenza is bird flu. '.

Avian influenza. or avian flu.

Orthomyxoviridae, Influenza Type A, subtype H5N1.

The last outbreak of avian influenza in britain occurred in 1991 in norfolk.

type of avian influenza caused by the sheep.

yesInfluenza is the flu. It is transmitted from one person to another by droplets through coughs and sneezes. So, yes. It is very contagious.

No. Bird flu is aka Avian Influenza and is caused by influenza viruses not fungi.

The Avian Influenza is a contagion.words like and

Avian Influenza type A,or H5N1.

Yes. Avian influenza is very contagious among birds and some of these viruses can make certain domesticated bird species, including chickens, ducks, and turkeys, very sick and kill them.

The H5N1 virus or a variation of an Influenza type A virus causes avian flu. Most human flus are caused by types B and C. H1N1 or swine flu is also type A.

It is so contagious because it can be transmitted by touch and by air. The fact that it is also airborne makes it very contagious.

Bird flu is another term used for avian influenza.

Avian (Bird) Flu is one of the Influenza A viruses. All Influenza A viruses are enveloped.See below for related link to WikiPedia for additional information about the structure of Avian Flu virions.

Laryngitis itself is not contagious, but if the condition is caused by a contagious illness, such as bronchitis, strep throat, or influenza (the flu), those can be transmitted.

What is avian influenza? Well we will start with the word "avian" which derives from the Latin word "Aves" meaning bird. Influenza is the "flu" so it means - bird flu.Avian influenza (bird flu) is caused by strains of influenza A (influenza A is a virus that has a negative single- stranded, segmented RNA genome).The bird flu is most prevalent among wild birds - go figure. Infections with influenza A in wild birds is asymptomatic but can cause highly lethal illness in domestic birds.Mutations may occur in the avian influenza thro error-prone RNA polymerase making small changes in the genetic code of the virus, and may ultimately be able to infect humans. Although the influenza virus in birds cannot directly infect humans, pigs are easily susceptible to the mutated bird flu, and from pigs humans are prone to acquire it. This explains why Asia is the most common place epidemics occur (because ducks, pigs, and humans are in close contact.)

Yonathan Rahardjo has written: 'Lanang' 'Avian influenza'

No, there are types of influenza viruses that many different groups of mammals can get infected by, as well as birds (such as the avian/bird flu).

Measles, mumps, typhoid, influenza

Contagious means that the infection is spread from one person to another by direct or indirect contact. This would mean that an illness you can 'catch' from some is contagious... such as influenza or an STD... but blood-poisoning or gangrene are non-contagious. List of contagious diseases: Tubercolosis Influenza Meleases Chicken pox Ring worms List of non contagious diseases: Cancer Heart disease diabetes etc.

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