Is awkwardly a nounverbadverb?

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What is the prefix of awkwardly?

There is no prefix for awkwardly. The suffix of awkwardly is -ly.

How do you put awkwardly in a sentence?

She was awkwardly bad at ballet.

How do you use the word awkwardly in a sentence?

My friend tried awkwardly to dance. The football player landed awkwardly on his shoulder, dislocating it.

What is the adverb for awkward?

The adverb is awkwardly. It means in an awkward, inexperienced, or uncoordinated manner.

What is a sentence using the word awkwardly?

The baby giraffe's first steps brought her ever so awkwardly to her mother. The young boxer's awkwardly delivered punch suddenly ended the match.

What is the antonym of awkwardly?


Is awkwardly a noun?

No, the word 'awkwardly' is the adverb form of the adjective 'awkward'.The noun form of the adjective 'awkward' is awkwardness.

Is awkwardly an adverb?

Yes. Awkward is an adjective. Adding "ly" to most adjectives results in an adverb. You can test this in a sentence. "She stood awkwardly." Since "awkwardly" defines the way she is completing the action (verb), it is an adverb.

What is a synonym for awkwardly?

shyly uncomfortable

What is the root word for awkwardly?


What is the root word of awkwardly?


How do you dance at a homcoming dance?


What are the release dates for Love Awkwardly - 2010?

Love Awkwardly - 2010 was released on: USA: 1 March 2010 (internet)

What is the synonymn for awkwardly tall and thin?


What word means to walk awkwardly?


How do you spell arkwardly?

The correct spelling is "awkwardly".

What to do if you act awkwardly in front of camera?

Break the camera

What actors and actresses appeared in Awkwardly Awaiting - 2013?

The cast of Awkwardly Awaiting - 2013 includes: Becca Lustgarten as Musical Theatre Priestess Alison Yates as Andie

Will Cody Rhodes get injured?

if he lands awkwardly enough.. yes

How do you spell awkardly?

The correct spelling is awkwardly (clumsily, unskillfully).

Is awkwardly an adjective?

No, it is not an adjective; it is an adverb. The adjective form is "awkward."

How do make sentence with awkward?

"This question is very awkwardly worded..."

What is another word for in a clumsy way?

Gracelessly, awkwardly, etc.

What adjectives can describe writing?

Slowly, quickly, sharply, awkwardly

What synonym beginning with you means awkwardly thin and tall?