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Some women do experience a lower dull sort of pain in their lower back in early pregnancy. It is pretty common!

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Q: Is back pain normal in early pregnancy?
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Weak bleeding painful cramps and back pain while early pregnancy?

pain full cramps and back pain while early pregnancy are normal the development of fetus

Is Left kidney pain in early pregnancy normal?

No, kidney pain is never normal in pregnancy. But kidney infections in pregnancy are fairly common. Time to call the doctor.

In early pregnancy is it normal to have mild pain from your abdomen to your vagina?


How long does early pregnancy back pain last?

during the whole pregnancy. You always get back aches on and off.

Is it normal to have bleeding with lower back pain like period pain very early in pregnancy?

This isn't normal but it is reasonably common. Many women experience bleeding in the early part of pregnancy. Often it will settle and the pregnancy proceeds as normal. However, the cramps are not a particularly great sign. The combination can mean you will or are having a miscarriage. See your doctor so they can perform further tests to see if this actually is the case.

Is it normal to have pain on the knees while being nine months pregnant?

PAIN IN THE KNEES IS NORMAL you have 35 pounds of pressure sitting on them (average weight in pregnancy) your knees and back and stomach will go back to normal in about 1 week after pregnancy.

Is hot lower back pain a sign of early pregnancy?

It could be....

How early could you get middle back pain in pregnancy?

3 month

Is Lower back pain and cramping during early pregnancy normal?

Cramping, yes. Mild Cramping that is! The kind of cramps you feel right before you start your period is normal. However if they are severe there may be a problem. As far as long back pain that as well may be a sign of early pregnancy, it kinda goes hand in hand with the cramping. Also due to the fact that your ligaments are stretching since your uterus is growing that can cause both the cramping and back pain.

Is back pain an early sign of pregnancy?

I definetely had back pain when I was first pregnant with my son. I ended up going to a Chiropractor the whole pregnancy. That was the only thing that helped.

All over back pain early pregnancy?

ask your doctor or midwife about it

Are lower back pain and cramping early signs of pregnancy?

i have been pregnant 3 times, and each time i had lower back pain even before my pregnancy had been confirmed.

Why do you get lower back pain in early pregnancy?

You probably had it before the pregnancy also. You need to consult your family physician.

Is it normal to have abdominal pain during early stages of pregnancy?

It is never normal to have pain during pregnancy. Mild cramping and uncomfortable twinges are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are experiencing pain you should call your OB/GYN.No. It's normal to feel nausea, discomfort and an increased urge to pee. Pains are not normal and should be investigated.

Lower back pain during pregnancy?

Unfortunately it is normal and pretty much inevitable.

Mild cramping in early pregnancy?

That is going to be normal for pretty much all of your pregnancy. Just watch for severe pain, or cramping and blood.

Will there be a prickling pain in the lower abdomen in early pregnancy?

I had a prickling pain in my lower abdomen during the early stages of my pregnancy.

What is wrong if you had your period a week early with a more pinkish maroonish color plus you had lower back pain and diarrhea?

If your period was lighter than normal this could be pregnancy related.

You have back pain your stomach feels bloated what does this mean?

Could be an early sign of pregnancy, or PMS

Where do you get pain in early pregnancy?

* head * fatigue (everywhere) * lower back * legs * sometimes cramping

Is swelling in the lower back common in later stage of pregnancy?

No, swelling of the low back is not normal, although muscle spasms and low back pain are a common side effect of pregnancy.

Is lower back pain normal in pregnancy?

yes it's normal just as long as it's not severly painful and it isn't continous.

Lower back pain is a normal indication that my period will arrive soon and I have it now but have not gotten my period. Could I be pregnant?

Yes, you could be because lower back pain is also a pregnancy symptom. Take a pregnancy test

Is it a bad sign for your back to hurts wile pregnant?

It isn't a bad sign, back pain is a normal symptom of pregnancy. Especially lower back pain, because the extra weight can be hard on the back.

Is it normal to be cramping in early pregnancy?

Yes. Its just round ligament pain. I wouldn't worry unless there is any bleeding.