Is bacteria an organism?

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Yes, bacteria is an organism. Bacteria is large group of prokaryotic microorganisms that have a variety of different shapes and sizes and they have both parasitic and symbiotic relationships with animals and plants.

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What is a bacteria organism that eats dead organism?

A bacteria-eating organism.

Is bacteria a micro-organism?

Yes, Bacteria is a micro-organism.Additional answerBut note that the word 'bacteria' is a plural word, so your question really should read 'Are bacteria micro-organisms.

What do bacteria do?

Bacteria does do bad things but also infects the bodies of any organism. There is also good bacteria which helps an organism.

An organism living in or on another organism?

Bacteria is an organism that lives in or on another organism.

How do bacteria differ from the cells of the organism they infect?

Bacteria are unicellular. The cells of the organism they infect are, quite often, part of a multicellular organism.

Is paramecium a bacteria?

No,Parameacium is not a bacteria but it is a single celled organism which on bacteria

Mostly aerobic organism is bacteria or eukaryotes?

It is Bacteria

What organism has no nucleus?

An unicellular organism is an organism that does not have a nucleus. Two types of these organism is bacteria and archaea.

What is the name of a single celled organism that starts with a B?

The word is bacteria. It is a single celled organism.

Organism that feeds on another living organism?

If you count bacteria and viruses, a virus tends to feed off bacteria.

What is a representative organism of an autotroph?

Bacteria is the representative organism of an autotroph

What was the main type of organism prior to aerobic organism?


What were the first living organism?

bacteria was the first living organism

Write a short note on Bacteria?

bacteria is unicellular organism

Bacteria is what kind of unicellular organism?

Bacteria are prokaryotic organisms.

What are bacteria that invade a host organism and obtain nutrients from the host's cell?

Bacteria that invade a host organism and obtain nutrients from the host's cell are pathegonic bacteria.

What are the steps of how a cell becomes an organism?

it takes million of year to evolve in a organism coacervates<nitrates particle<nuetron particle<simple bacteria <complex bacteria<simple organism<complex organism

What organism in the soil convert niterogen from dead organism?

first the organism is broken down in to inorganic moleculs, then denitryfing bacteria breaks this down and lets the nitrogen be released back to the atmosphere. the denitryfing bacteria is usaully cyno-bacteria(blue green bacteria)

How do pathogenic bacteria harm an organism?

Pathogenic bacteria gets inside a host organism & take nutrients from an) organism's cells

What are parasites a fungi virus bacteria?

A parasite is any organism that lives on or in another organism, not necessarily a fungus, virus or bacteria.

Four examples of organism which reproduce by budding?

organism such as bacteria and fungi ~

Name two types of micro-organism?

Bacteria and fungi.

What is a unicellular organism?

An unicellular organism is single celled organism. For example- bacteria, archaea, amoeba

What bacteria eats dead organism?

the plankton is the single-celled organism that eats dead organism.

What organisms are in bacteria?

Depends on what bacteria. If it is unicellular then it is an organism you dumb beach.