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Is bam margera bisexual?

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no...he's straight and married (although he's listed as bi on, which was where the rumors spread from)

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What nicknames does Bam Margera go by?

Bam Margera goes by Bam Bam.

Does Bam Margera have a biography?

Yes Bam Margera indeed does have a biography.

When was Bam Margera born?

Bam Margera was born on September 28, 1979.

How did Bam Margera meet Missy Margera?

Bam and missy were middleschool sweethearts.

Is rob dyrdek better than bam margera?

Nope, Bam margera is better. watch viva la bam

Is Bam Margera an only child?

No. Bam has an year older brother name Jesse Margera.

What is the birth name of Bam Margera?

Bam Margera's birth name is Brandon Cole Margera.

Does missy margera sleep with bam margera?

not anymore.

Is bam margera goofy or regular?

Bam Margera is a goofy skateboarder. his right foot is in front when he skates.

Bam margera and missy margera?

bam margera and missy are officially divorced. bam married nicole boyd and melissa lives in Haiku Hawaii and she is in a relationship . they remain really close friends.

Who is bam margera in love with?

His wife Nicole Boyd-Margera.

Is bam margera deceased?


Is bam margera satanic?

No he is not

Is bam margera Jewish?


How old is Bam Margera?

Brandon "Bam" Margera is 38 years old (birthdate: September 28, 1979).

Are Bam Margera and Missy Margera still married?

no they are divorced. bam married nicole boyd and missy is in a relationship

Did bam margera die?

Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera is currently 29 years old and alive and well.

Who is Brandon margera?

Brandon is bam margera. his grandfather named him bam because used to run into walls as a kid.

What does Bam Margera hate?

Bam Margera hates snakes!!! Jackass 2. then you'll know ..LOLZ!!!

Why is bam margera scared of snakes?

Because Bam Margera is so frickin awesome he can be scared of watever he wants.

Were does Bam Margera live?

Bam lives in WestChester, PA

Is bam margera bi?

no bam is not gay he has a girl friend

Does Bam Margera and Missy Margera have any kids together?

no they dont

Bam margera missy?

bam margera married nicole boyd and divorced missy . missy live in Hawaii and she is in a relationship.

Is bam margera going to be on Dancing with the Stars?

no bam margera has never been on dancing with the stars! :) see get this... HE IS A SKATER NOT A DANCER!! :)

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