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Is being a dentist difficult?

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2007-11-09 12:22:18

The answer is, yes, it is quite tricky to become a dentist,

moreover if you want to be a good one. It is a strongly surgical

and interventional profession, requiring high skills such as

handling rotary dental burs and sharp instruments, such as

scalpels, tweezers, sharp probes, and all that in an oral cavity of

a person that is mostly not sedated ( just anaesthesised ) and

under stress, constantly pushing your instruments away with his

tongue and producing lots of saliva due to the stress he's under,

when 99% of the time you need a dry field to work in. Taking

rational decisions under lots of stress is a must, and one needs a

lot of practice to be able to handle the complexity of cases that

arise in a daily practice. One needs sharp vision, steady hands,

deep knowledge of what he's doing, creativity, and a good physical

condition. Good luck!

DDS. Sergio

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